Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Food Trippin' Brunei: Nasi Katok

We asked our friend, Gladys in Labuan on what to eat when we get to Brunei as she drove us to the ferry port on the morning we're leaving the small beautiful island. She recommend that we should have a taste of Brunei's Nasi Katok which was a chicken and rice dish according to her.

As we got to Brunei, our friend there, Amiru, brought us to a restaurant that serves Nasi Katok. It wasn't difficult to look for a place that sells it since almost any corner, there is a restaurant that serves it. It is very popular there since it is cheap and very yummy.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Backpacking Brunei: The Emprie

As a budget traveler, I seldom go to hotels in places I go to. Staying in a luxury hotel is a dream but not really a necessity for me. Touring around Brunei, I found out that you'll find one of the most popular hotel here because it is a six-star hotel, the most luxurious I have ever stepped into, The Empire.

The Empire is a hotel and country club locates at Jerudong in Brunei Darussalam. It is located near the beach area so the hotel guests can enjoy the breath taking view of the ocean. Good thing our friend took us on a tour here so that we could explore and see what can be inside a six-star hotel.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Backpacking Brunei: Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque

Brunei is a Muslim country and here, you could expect different Mosques around the city. These had become some of their attractions when touring around the city.

There are several mosques that tourists can go visit here. One of them is Jame’ Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque which is their biggest mosque in the whole Brunei.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dinner at Petra and Pilar

A month ago, a colleague from Belgium arrived here in Manila. I have worked with him personally in Istanbul and so, when he visited us, we were more than glad to welcome him. Our team took him out for dinner and decided to give him a taste of Filipino cuisine.

We brought him at Petra and Pilar located at Chino Roces in Makati. The place is owned by Katrina Ponce-Enrile and the place is named after her two grandmothers. The concept of this place is a fancy carienderia. You can order whichever dish you want at the counter and it will be served at your table. They have an array of food choices in display so you can choose whichever looks enticing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dinner at Yakimix

To celebrate my brother's birthday, we had a family dinner at Yakimix at Hobbies of Asia in Pasay City. It was bit far and we expect less people so that there would be no waiting or reservation needed. True enough, when we got there, there are a lot of vacant tables and we didn't have any difficulty finding a place to sit.

Yakimix in Hobbies of Asia is located along Macapagal Blvd. It is a small place and the area is lined with restaurants where they accept paluto. I am not sure how to get there by public transport except if your ride a cab. It is near SM Mall of Asia but you really need a car to get there.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Backpacking Brunei: Touring Around the City

As we arrived in Brunei from Labuan Island, my friend's ASEAN summit friend Amiru fetched us at the port. He was with his brother but that was until we arrived. He left us afterwards and we were with Amiru our whole stay in Brunei touring around the city.

It was really convenient that we have someone to go around because in Brunei, there are less public transport since almost everyone owns a car. And I'm not blaming them since gas prices here are very cheap. Surprisingly, even if almost all people there owns a car, there is less traffic. Indeed a haven for car owners.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Backpacking Malaysia: Around the Small Island of Labuan

We arrived at Labuan Island at around 4 in the afternoon. The sun us still up high and we are waiting at the port for Gladys, my friend's friend, to come and fetch us. We waited at the ferry terminal and were tempted to buy all the chocolates they have at stores since they are all pretty cheap as Labuan Island products are duty free.

We are fetched at around 4:30 in the afternoon and off we went to get around the nice spots in this small island. We went to the different areas in Labuan such as Patau-Patau Water VillageAn'Nur Jamek MosquePeace Park, and the Chimney. It was a bit late but thankfully, we have a car, and so, we can get to many places in little time.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Food Trippin' Kota Kinabalu: Tropicana Lodge and Cafe

Before heading out to Jesselton Point and go to Labuan Island in the afternoon, we decided to have a quick lunch after our museum tours in the morning. We were going around the Australia Place in Kota Kinabalu, looking for something to eat when we decided to eat at Tropicana Lodge and Cafe.

Located at Lot 9, Ground & 1st Floor, Lorong Dewan (Australia Place), it is the restaurant of the main lodge. We were the only customers when we got there and I think we all made them work since we ordered some lunch food a bit earlier than lunch time. This place is just a few minutes walk from Borneo Backpackers where we stayed.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Backpacking Malaysia: From Kota Kinabalu to Labuan to Brunei

On our second day in Kota Kinabalu, we planned to spend the day going around the Sabah Museum and travelling to Labuan Island in the afternoon to meetup with my friend's Malaysian friend (which became my friend also) there. We decided to spend the night there since it is on the way going to Brunei, which is our next destination after KK.

Going to Labuan Island, you need to ride a ferry in Jesselton Point. This will bring you to the small island and is the midpoint port if you plan to go to Brunei from KK. Located at the edge of town, Jesslton Point welcomes you with the big arc and and their ticketing office going to the different areas in KK.

Food Trippin' Kota Kinabalu: BB Cafe Bar and Grill

On our first night on KK, we decided to have dinner since it was in the early afternoon since our last meal We wanted to try something different and so we explored the town. Even though most of the shops are already closed at that time, there are still a lot of food establishments opened.

We were attracted by the bright lights and cheering crowd in the middle of the town. There seems to be some singing competition and as we looked and watched for a while, we decided to dine in BB Cafe Bar and Grill, the restaurant nearest to the singing competition we were watching. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milk Tea Hunt: True Brew

There is a newly opened milk tea shop in Ayala and they have a promo for SMART employees. Thankfully, I learned it before the promo ended and I enjoyed True Brew's up size promo for their opening at Blessings.

Located at the Blessings and Prosperity Canteen along Ayala Avenue (beside Rufino), the new tea shop is a new hit in the office. They sell a variety of milk tea flavors and they even have the cream cheese on top variety like those of Gong Cha and Happy Lemon.

Backpacking Kota Kinabalu: Sabah Museum, Sabah Art Gallery and Sabah Islamic Museum

After we went around the Heritage Village, we went to the main entrance of the Sabah Museum. It was already opened at that time and since we ares till waiting for lunch time for our ferry ride in the afternoon.

We hanged out the souvenir shop first because we thought it was RM15 for only one museum but as we asked about it, that amount was already for the three museums, Sabah Muesum, Sabah Art Gallery and Sabah Islamic Museum.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Backpacking Kota Kinabalu: Heritage Village

On our second day in Kota Kinabalu, we decided to tour some sites there before going to Labuan Island in the afternoon. We checked the maps we got in the airport and decided on taking the Heritage Village area since it has a lot of stuff there that could fit in just a short amount of time.

After breakfast, we ask the staff in the inn to tell us how to go there. She suggested that we ride the taxi since it is cheaper and more convenient than taking the bus. After we got our tickets for the afternoon ferry, we hailed a cab to take us to the site. It costs RM20 going there.

Place to Stay in Kota Kinabalu: Borneo Backpackers

Our stay in Kota Kinabalu was short. We didn't really reserved any room and we planned on just taking our chance in Borneo Backpackers for an overnight stay. Luckily, there are available rooms for us the night we arrived at Kota Kinabalu.

Located at No. 24 Lorong Dewan, the inn is in the middle of the main town of KK. It can easily be located since it is near Atkonson Clock Tower. As you reach the area, there is a small coffee shop at the ground level. Whenever people ask them about the inn, they automatically point you to the side for the entrance.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Backpacking Kota Kinabalu: Exploring the City Center

We arrived at Kota Kinabalu International Airport at around 6 in the evening and after all the immigration process, we got out at around 7 pm hailing a cab that would take us to our inn. We figured not to waste the day and so, we went out at night to find food and to explore Kota Kinabalu's City Center.

It was drizzling a bit but it didn't stop us from walking around. Guided by the few brochures that we got in the airport, we looked for places to even that late hours. Good thing, we are near the city center and everything that you need to see there is reachable by foot. And so, our late night exploring began.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Backpacking Borneo: From Kota Kinabalu to Brunei to Kuala Lumpur to Melaka

I booked a flight going to Kota Kinabalu a year ago and I didn't expect that this would be a grand adventure. We planned a Borneo trip from Clark, Pampanga to Kota Kinabalu to Labuan Island to Brunei to Kuala Lumpur to Melaka, back to Kuala Lumpur and returning home to Manila (whew!). It was a 7 day challenge and it turned out pretty well. I experienced being a backpacker that time and it was one heck of an epic experience.

Borneo is located just south of the Philippines. It is just below Palawan, and so, the weather there is similar here. I packed my backpack with a little less clothes compared to my Korea trip since I would only need some shorts and shirts in a tropical country like ours. I am off with a backpack and a small bag for my camera to a 7-day adventure to these places.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner at Toast Box

My friends and I decided to meetup for dinner and we decided to try out Toast Box which is located at Greenbelt 5. It was difficult to look for this place since it was not in the directory and also, it is quite far from the other food and dining areas in the mall, but we got there and we had our dinner there.

Originally, this store is from Singapore and so, it offers Singaporean and Malaysian dishes. It was perfect since I was craving and missing the Malaysian food from my previous Borneo Adventure.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lunch Out Series: Mexicali

It was so long ago when I had a lunch out, and since this day seems a nice day to dine out, we decided to go to RCBC Plaza and look for food there. Our feet brought us at Mexicali for our lunch that day.

Mexicali is located at the 3rd Floor of the RCBC Plaza. It is among the array of many restaurants there and at lunch time, the place sure gets crowded. They offer Mexican food and there are a lot to choose from. Price range are from budget meals to affordable to-share with your party.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dinner out at Razon's of Guagua

After watching Avengers courtesy of our Smart Timeout, we waited for some office mates and after that, we had our dinner at Razon's of Guagua.

The store is located at the outer area of the mall near the department store. I am not really sure where exactly but you can ask the guards around and I am sure they will tell you where you can find it. They serve Kapampangan dishes and this place is famed for its yummy halo-halo.

Food Trippin' Soderno at Molito

We have nothing to do on a Saturday night that is why my friend and I went to Alabang Town Center and decided to go to Soderno in Molito, which is just beside the mall, to experience the nice food they offer there.

Soderno is a day and night market that is located at Molito in Alabang. It is opened every weekend for your shopping and dining pleasures. They have a variety of shops that have different stalls. During Sundays, they open a Sunday Market and on Friday and Saturday night, it is a food haven for all the foodies out there. There are a lot of food to choose from in there, plus, a live band plays as you dine in with friends.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trippin' Baguio: Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

We got to Baguio after a long 6 hours of bus ride from Sagada and we are all hungry since our last meal was our heavy breakfast at Salt & Pepper. Near the bus terminal where we got off is a restaurant packed with people. We decided to have our dinner there at Good Taste.

Located at No. 8 Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City, the place is noticeable with a large signage at the front entrance. It is located near Baguio Central Mall. The place is a two storey establishment that serves a nice fusion of Filipino and Chinese dishes.

Food Trippin' Sagada: Salt & Pepper Diner

After our Kiltepan Sunrise viewing and our return to Echo Valley for Denise, we went around town to shop. Since we knew the schedule of the buses leaving the town, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Most of the places there are still closed so we decided to eat at Salt & Pepper Diner since the place was already open and is near our inn.

The place is located at the town area besides SaGGas office at the second floor of a building with stores at the ground level. There is a big signage you will surely not miss and it will lead you to the stairs up to the restaurant.

Frozen Mochi at Mochiko

When we were on our way to Molito, we passed by a small store in Casa Susana Building located just infront of the Molito Complex. I have never took notice of the place until then, when I saw the sign on a small shop of Mochiko.

Mochiko is popular for their yummy balls of frozen mochi dessert that has a lot of flavors to choose from. They are usually found in small stalls selling these frozen treats in small pouches. They have a lot branches now in different parts of the metro so you can enjoy them wherever you are.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Milk Tea Hunt: Gong Cha

I was planning to get a taste of this Milk Tea place ever since it opened at the Food Choices of Glorietta. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I seldom go to malls. Just recently, I was back to my normal schedule in the office, and since it was scorching hot in Manila lately, I decided to have a taste of Gong Cha to beat the heat.

The place is easy to find. It is located just beside World Chicken on the escalator side going to the cinema area. You will easily recognize it with its red signage and those foreign characters in the logo. Also, there is always a long queue in the small place and you need to queue up to get your order.

Backpacking Sagada: Kitelpan Sunrise

Early morning on our last day in Sagada and on my birthday, we woke up at around 5am to catch the sunrise. The previous day, we asked the tour guides in Sagada to arrange a van for us to take us at Kiltepan. They agreed and we paid PHP750 for the van rental. That is they fetch us and get us back in town.

The morning was very cold and it is quite creepy walking in town that early. There are stray dogs around and they get to anyone who walks in town. It is deserted since most of the people there doesn't go out until around 6 in the morning. We were alone waiting at the town hall, cold in the morning air. We were waiting for the van to fetch us up.

Food Trippin' Sagada: Yoghurt House

After our whole day of adventure from spelunking to trekking and watching the sunset, we were dead tired and hungry that we immediately looked for food after we got back to town. Since we wanted to try Yoghurt House since early morning, we gave ourselves the treat we so much deserve.

As we got back to town, we immediately proceed at the famous Yoghurt House. Everyone who went in Sagada had something to brag about this place and so, here I am, doing what I need to do.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Place to Stay in Sagada: Sagada Homestay

When in Sagada, there are a lot of small inns and lodges to stay in. One of them is Sagada Homestay which is located near the town's municipal hall.

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this place but for us, it was the most convenient. Since we were so busy, we almost forgot to look for a place to stay in advance and so, days before our trip, we tried to contact them, and since they are the only one who offered us some place, we booked on them.

Backpacking Sagada: Hiking Mt. Ampacao and Lake Danum Sunset

After we survived the caves of Sagada, our afternoon was set to climb Mt. Danum and hopefully see the sunset at Lake Danum. Our guide was still Kuya Frenzel and we meetup downtown after we had changed clothes and bought some bread for our lunch.

Since we had a lot of time in the cave, our lunch was cut short and we could only buy some bread. We need to get started at around 2pm in order for us to see the sunset and also, avoid going back to town really dark since there are no lamp posts on the way back.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food Trippin' Sagada: Lemon Pie House

On our first night in Sagada, we decided to try out the restaurants in the area. We originally plan to dine at Yoghurt House but since it was pretty early that time, we decided to stroll along the streets and look for places to buy pasalubong. Since we are near the end of the town already, we decided to have dessert first and eat the famous lemon pie found at The Lemon Pie House .

After checking in the menu in the store, we decided to have dinner there already since it was getting dark outside and we are already getting hungry and is getting lazy going back the way we walked from there. It was also better eating there since the place is not crowded. There are just a few groups dining in and most of the tables are vacant. I thought it is better to celebrate my friend's birthday here that night.

Surviving the Running Dead 2012

To survive a zombie appocalypse, you must be prepared physically and mentally. You need to run! Run fast! Run for your life! Just like what we did in the recently held Running Dead 2012.

Last Sunday at around 5 in the afternoon, brave runners were gathered at The Palms Country Club in Filinvest Alabang. All are hyped and prepared to run to defend their life flags against Tri-zombies who are out and are determined to snatch them from you and make you run as hard as you can.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Beans Bins Coffee

After our afternoon shopping at Myeongdong, we all got hungry and decided to have some snacks before finally leaving Seoul in the night. Our Korean friend recommended a  place where she said serves the nicest waffles. And so, we all went to Beans Bins Coffee to have a cup of coffee and some waffles.

Located among the many shops and stores in Myeongdong, you can find this store at a second floor of a building (sorry guys, can't quite describe it as I was a bit lost in all the shops there). You can see a sign just outside that will lead you to this shop. They are said to be the best waffle in town that is why we were excited to have a taste of it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Shopping at Myeongdong

The remaining hours of our stay in Seoul was dedicated to shopping. There is no better place to do this than to go to Myeongdong where there are a lot of shops to shop. A shopaholic's haven, if you ask me.

Thankfully, we were staying near Myeongdong station and it was just  a few minute walk to the shopping district. We just need to cross the street and we are faced with the towering malls and lots of shops and stalls all around. We don't have to worry on getting our stuff left at the inn before we travel to the airport, this way, we can enjoy the rest of the day touring around the busy streets of Myeongdong.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Bukchon Hanok Village

One of the main tourist attraction in Korea is their Hanok Village where you can find the traditional houses of the Korean that are preserved through time.

Good thing, our Korean friend took us on a tour on one of them, we went to Bukchn Hanok Village on our last day of stay in Seoul.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Namsan Tower

After a long day touring around Seoul, we still have time to spare for another must go place in the city. We spent the night going to Namsan Tower or more poplularly known as Seoul Tower.

The tower is located near our inn at Namsan Guest House 3. It is a long walk from Myeongdong Station going uphill to the entrance. You just need to follow the path going to the right from the subway station and soon, you will see the tower from afar, just follow it and you'll surely get there.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Zombies are Coming: The Running Dead 2012

Remember the movie Zombieland? RULE #1: Cardio. Yes, you need all the stamina to run. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! Or else, the zombies will get to you and eat your brains. Now, have you ever consider this rule being applied to real life? well, I guess you've imagined it but didn't expect all hell might really break loose!

If you're a fan of zombie movie and have been dreaming of being in a zombie infested world and struggling to survive it, this is your chance! Running Dead 2012 will be held in Filinvest Alabang on April 21, 2012, at around dusk.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Caffe Bene

After we toured the Trick Eye Museum, we were all hungry and cold from walking along the streets of Seoul. Also, we were not sure what to do next for the rest of the day. We decided to stop by Caffe Bene for a cup of hot beverage.

This coffee shop is near the Trick Eye Museum, it was just a few blocks away. Also, it is just near the subway station, so we will not walk long to get to our next destination. There are a lot more branches of Caffe Bene around Korea and I think it is the more popular coffee shop here. It was nice that I get to stop by here and enjoy the place.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Trick Eye Museum

After our tour at Nami Island in the morning, we didn't know what to do for the rest of the day. We decided to go to Trick Eye Museum located near Hongdae Station. I first saw this on a Korean Drama and I didn't realize that I'll be one day going here and have fun.

As you exit the subway station, you just need to walk around 200m and soon you will find the sign of Trick Eye Museum which is located in the basement of a building.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Nami Island

One of the attractions in Korea is Namiseom Island or more popularly known as Nami Island. This became popular when the Korean Drama, Winter Sonata, which had a high rating, filmed in this island. Today, it is a popular tourist attraction that many Koreans and tourists go to.

It seems appropriate going here at this winter season as to re-live the famous TV Drama and really feel what it is to be winter here in Korea. Going here is not that easy. It is a long train ride going from Seoul and you have to allot the whole morning or day if you prefer to tour this place.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Bok-ong Falls

On our first day in Sagada, we decided not to get any guide and challenge ourselves for an adventure. We successfully got through Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins by ourselves and so we looked for other places to go to using our town map. We decided to look for the Bok-ong Falls which according to the map is just nearby.

Bok-ong Falls means small falls. This is because there is a bigger one on a bit farther place. The map says, it is just close to town. We were not sure at first but we decided to look for landmarks indicated there. Soon enough we were following the right landmarks and it seems like we are going the right way.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Food Trippin' Sagada: Trying Out Pinikpikan

One of the most popular dish in the Cordillera Region is perhaps the Pinikpikan which is a chicken stew with a very flavorful taste. This is why we didn't miss the chance to taste it when we are in Sagada.

In a eatery near the municipal hall, we were looking for some late lunch and luckily, they are serving this dish and we immediately asked for an order of this dish.

Food Trippin' Korea: Namu Cafe

As we were waiting for my friend's Korean friends, we looked for a warm place to wait. As we exit the subway, we found a small coffee shop nearby to rest and avail of the free wifi services. Also, to have something warm to drink in this cold weather. We settled in Namu Cafe.

Located at the second floor of a building near Sinchon Station, the cafe is accessible for people who want to enjoy a hot cup of drink. They offer free wifi in their shop and so, we took the chance to get connected to the outside world.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Lumiang and Sumaguing Cave Connection

Our adventure on our second day was a bit extreme, but we were really up to it. We signed up the pervious day for a Cave Connection tour to go spelunking at Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves which is a very popular activity here in Sagada.

We met with Denise, whom we met at the Municipal Hall the previous day and texted us to ask if she could join us. Of course we agreed since we wanted to have a new friend and also to cut costs of the guide fee.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Walking around Sagada Town Proper

A few minutes walk away from the Municipal Hall, near the town hospital, you will find St. Mary the Virgin Church. It can be easily seen with a large bell landmark. This bell fell down years back and since then, it was displayed at the back of the church. The Church is also near the school and the girl's dormitory. The church is near the trail going to Echo Valley.

 It is quite big and they held the mass there in Ilocano. Theire is just one mass in Tagalog there so if you wish to attend, you should ask them of the schedule.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Twotwo Fried Chicken

Our first meal as we arrived at Seoul was near Myeongdong station (look for Pacific Hotel) and Namsan 3 Guesthouse where we stayed. It was the first food stop we saw and so we decided to give it a try. We had our late lunch at Twotwo Fried Chicken.

Twotwo Fried Chicken is known to be the best and original fried chicken in Korea. It has a branch here in the Philippine at Pearl Drive in Ortigas a few years back when I was still working at the area. I haven't got the chance to try it out there that is why I am also eager to get to have a taste of their fried chicken here. This is the only branch they have in Korea so we grabbed the opportunity to eat in this place.

Food Trippin' Korea: Lotteria

One of the most popular fast food chain in Korea is Lotteria which was from the Lotte Group. They are found almost everywhere as where ever we go, we can see a branch of them and a lot of customers are in queue at their counter.

One of their branches is at the underground walkway from the subway near our inn at Busan. We decided to stop by and order a takeout there for our dinner. Since it was something we haven't tried, we figured to give it a shot.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins

One of the must go to sites when in you're in Sagada is the Echo Valley which is located near the town proper. You should see this place whenever you are in Sagada because your trip will not be complete without the Echo Valley experience.

You can avail of a guided tour here from the Town Hall but since this tour is easy to do, you can opt te be more adventourous and go find your own trail. It is a five minute walk from the town hall. You will pass the St. Mary the Virgin Church and the newly installed zipline area before finding the path to Echo Valley.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Backpacking Korea: King Sejong Museum

On our first day in Seoul, we decided to spend the rest of the afternoon going around teh city. After our failed attempt to get in Gyeongbokgung Palace, we proceeded at the park just infront of it. As we walked, we noticed a very big statue in the middle.

It is King Sejong the great, a known ruler in Korea and it has a museum underground which is free for all the tourists who wants to check it out. Since we're already there, we went in and checked out King Sejong Museum.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Backpacking Korea: Cheonggyecheon River Park

As we continuoe to tour around Seoul, we got to Cheonggyecheon River Park. This place is located at Seoul-si Jongno-gu Changsin1-dong just near the Gyeongbokgung Palace and you can actually walk to this place from there.

The stream has a park built on its side. Tourists can walk and enjoy nature in the middle of the city. There are some ducks on the stream and they are really nice to take pictures of. Also, they are so amazing that they could endure the coldness since most of the sides of the stream still are frozen.

Backpacking Korea: Gyeongbokgung Palace

After we arrive from Busan and had late lunch near Myongdong, we decided to spend the rest of teh afternoon walking around Seoul. We agreed to go to Gyeongbokgung Palace since my firends haven't entered it the first time they were there. And so, from Myongdong station, we took the subway to there.

We alight at Gyeongbokgung Station exit 5 and from there, walked to the entrance of the palace. You can also exit at Ganghwanmun Station but it is a longer walk going to the palace.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Weekend at Sagada

It was my birthday and I decided to celebrate it differently this year. Most of my birthdays are celebrated at home, even if sometimes I only got an hour for it, still, I'm always at home. This year, I wanted to be away. Somewhere far. Somewhere with limited access to everything. A place serene and calm. And that perfect place is Sagada in Mountain Province.

Getting to Sagada is not that easy. You need to endure a 5-6 hour bus ride going to Baguio and another 6 hours from there to Sagada Town Proper. A whooping half day only for travelling. There are other routes to get there, but this is the easiest and most popular among tourists. The long bus ride is nothing when you see the magnificent view of the mountains and cliffs. We were in clouds most of the time. A nice and calm feeling that you are one with the heavens. A nice way to celebrate your birth anniversary!

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