Saturday, May 5, 2012

Food Trippin' Sagada: Yoghurt House

After our whole day of adventure from spelunking to trekking and watching the sunset, we were dead tired and hungry that we immediately looked for food after we got back to town. Since we wanted to try Yoghurt House since early morning, we gave ourselves the treat we so much deserve.

As we got back to town, we immediately proceed at the famous Yoghurt House. Everyone who went in Sagada had something to brag about this place and so, here I am, doing what I need to do.

Located at the town area along the street arrayed with different shops for tourists, you will find the bright yellow signage at the front of a two-storey house where you can find a lot of people gathering up. The signage was hanged before at the second floor but for reasons I am not sure, it is placed just in front of the house.

guests waiting for their food to arrive

As you enter their cozy and warm place, you are greeted with the staff and the lot of customers we have. Our first task is to look for a table for us. Good thing there is this guy who was dining alone and we shared the table with them. The place has a second floor to accommodate more guests. I am not sure how it looked upstairs but I'm sure it is equally cozy. They have a wooden interior and the lighting is warm. A perfect place to relax. Guests can also choose to dine in outside and see the people waling down the streets but there are only chairs outside which means, you can only eat their famed yogurt there and not really eat those yummy meals they serve.

a cup of tea before we eat (~PHP60 per pot)

Their menu has a wide selection of food. Most of them are served with a plate of unpolished rice and vegetables. We opted to choose the chicken meals that they have on the menu. I had the Java Chicken with Vegetable Salad and Rice. The others had the Spicy Chicken Curry with Vegetables and Rice and Chicken in Oriental Stew with Vegetables and Rice. Yes, we all had chicken because it is the first meat dish in their menu and we're too hungry to check on the beef and pork dishes.

We waited for the food for a short time before it was served. It was still hot and was just cooked as it arrived on our tables. The serving was really big and perfect for our hungry tummies.

Java Chicken with Vegetable Salad and Rice (PHP180)

The Java Chicken with Vegetable Salad and Rice was really good. The quarter chicken leg was cooked perfectly and the taste penetrates not only on the skin but also in the meat. The dish was served with a salad where the vegetables are really fresh. You can taste the crispness of the greens and the carrots and combined with the light dressing, it was really good. The rice was also good. It was colored purple and the taste was really good. It was filling and a cup of the serving is more than enough to fill our belly.

Spicy Chicken Curry with Vegetables and Rice (PHP190)

Chicken in Oriental Stew with Vegetables and Rice (PHP180)

Since we were so hungry, we forgot to share our food with each other. We just dived into it and eat our meals silently for a few minutes. It was too late when we remembered to share, but it was okay. Judging from the looks of us and of the food when it came to our table, the meal was guaranteed satisfying. It has a quarter leg of a chicken with a generous amount of vegetable in it. The rice was also the purple one together, they make a great and filling meal.

We were also so full in an instant that we forgot to order a bowl of yogurt for dessert. After being full, we decided to pay the meal and go. There was no room for dessert that night but we were surly full. The yogurt can wait for our next visit there and I am sure that it is really good that it gained fame.

I'm surely going to be back here at Yoghurt House, and next time i'll not miss out their yogurt.

Yoghurt House

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