Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dinner at Gravy Fix

After our volunteer work at P.A.W.S, we all went to Katipunan Avanue to grab some dinner before completely calling it a day. We saw a unique place there and we decided to try it out. Along Katipunan Avenue, you will find Gravy Fix which is a small place with great serving of food.

After we parked at the back of their building, we went to the restaurant which is currently filled with dining customers. We were lucky enough that there is a recently vacated seat for the five of us. The place is a bit big that many diners can be accommodated. The crew assists you however, it is quite difficult to be served especially on busy hours. We asked for a glass of water for all of us since we were all tired from the volunteer work but it took us almost 5 request before getting one. And we got it when we already had our orders.

We all had the same dish that night, we all ordered their Fried Chicken Meal and Blue Lemonade. Only one order was different and it was their Crispy Pork Chop Meal (P120) however, I didn't get to take a photo nor taste it. But they say it was equally yummy as our Fried Chicken Meal. What we all had different was the gravy. We tried almost all of their gravy since it was refillable.

Fried Chicken Meal (P120)

Their Fried Chicken Meal was one of the best I ever had. It was a boneless chicken deep fried into golden crisp. It has a cup of rice and some veggies to go with it. It is best with the gravies of Gravy Fix. here are the choices of gravies they have. Apologies for the blurred photo, My other phone camera ran out of batteries.

One of the best is the Herb and Garlic gravy but I like the Mushroom Duet one since it tasted like mushroom soup.

Blue Lemonade (P30)

Their Blue Lemonade was nothing special except that it is served in a very large glass. For its price it is worth it. And it was really refreshing.

Try it out yourself and I'm sure you'll also love it here. Visit them at:

Gravy Fix
318 Katipunan Avenue
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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