Sunday, April 28, 2013

Food Trippin' Brunei: De Royalle Cafe

It was our first morning and our last day in Brunei, and while waiting for Amiru to tour us again, we looked for a coffee shop that was open early in the morning for us to have breakfast (since our inn does not offer a free one). We found this small cafe beside CBTL and we decided to have breakfast there and spend some time until all other stores open. It was called De Royalle Cafe.

There were few in the place and most of the shops are still closed early morning and others that are open are already common to us and can be found here in our own country. we wanted something unique but fits our budget, besides, we had a lot of savings since Amiru covered the tours for us.

De Royalle Cafe is a small shop located at 38, Jalan Sultan, Bandar Seri Begawan. It was empty early in the morning and we were the only customer by that time. They were the first cafe to be opened 24 hours, no wonder they are the only place we an go to early that morning. It was small with cushioned seats and small tables around. They have a lot of magazines and newspapers for customers too. The interior s nicely decorated with paintings and photos of different stuff. The ambiance is nice with a soft music playing and a nice lighting giving it a cozy ambiance.
Entrance of the Cafe
Interior of the cafe, with the cozy seats

some pastries for your coffee or tea 

The small place is run by Pinoy staff and we were so glad to have some small chit-chat with them. We learned a lot of things with them, on how they live in this country. She even gave us some Bread with Curry filling. She said that it is one of the specialties in Brunei. She was really friendly and accommodating.

Their menu has a variety to choose from. They have Malay, Chinese, Middle-eastern, Western dishes. They even have Bulalo in their menu. We opted for something light for the morning, so we had Sandwich and Pasta.

Three Layer Tea (BND$3.90)

I had a Three Layer Tea since I was craving for some milk tea ever since this trip began. It is made from Concentrated Tea, Evaporated Milk and Gula Teh C Syrup topped with some ice. It is served unmixed to appreciate the layers. The taste is really good and milky. You can still taste the tea as you sip into this. Just make sure you mix it first because the bottom layer is the tea and it is quite warm, and really concentrated there.

Tuna Mayo sandwich (BND$5.60)

Chicken Mayo sandwich (BND$5.60)

We had sandwiches for our food. I had Chicken Mayo Sandwich and my friend had Tuna Mayo Sandwich. It was around six inches (half sub) bit it was really filling. It has cucumber, tomato, lettuce, with some sliced boiled egg and cheese together with the chicken or tuna mayo filling. All of this in a whole wheat bread. It sure was a heavy meal but I guess we need it for the rest of the tour ahead.

Spaghetti ala Carbonara (BND$6.90)

My friend ordered a plate of Spaghetti ala Carbonara. It was prepared upon our order and was still hot when it got to our table. It is served with a buttered bread on the side. This dish too is good for about two people, however, my friend can take care of it. The sauce was thick and it goes well with the buttered bread. Perfect for those who are really hungry and is craving for a white sauce pasta.
Curry Bread

Oh yeah, we were given some Curry Bread for take out as I mentioned earlier. It is a soft bun with some curry filling inside. It was more like of an Empanada if you will look at it. It was good but for those people who does not like curry, they will not like it. The curry mixes well with the somewhat sweet bun and I think it is best paired with some coffee or tea. I'm really not sure who ate all of it but we brought it in KL for our next leg of tour.

Being a 24-hour cafe, they sure saved us, plus we get to taste some of the food this place offers. I generally like the cafe because of the nice and relaxing ambiance. I'm not sure how it is in the evening but I'm sure it is nice too. Also, it is just near the tourist spots you can go to when you are in Brunei. I would surely go back here if ever I'd get o visit Brunei again.

De Royalle Cafe
No: 38, Jalan Sultan,
Bandar Seri Begawan
Negara Brunei Darussalam


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