Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Digi Perm at Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio

I was planning to try out a new look with my hair and Digi Perm sounds nice ever since I read about it on blogs. My friend wanted it too so we agreed to do it together.

We checked on blogs and some friend's recommendations and it seems like Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio is on high recommendation among bloggers and satisfied customers. We gave it a try and reserved a slot with them one saturday morning.

So what is this Digi Perm everyone is talking about? According to Wikipedia:
digital perm is a perm which uses hot rods with the temperature regulated by a machine, which has a digital display, hence the name. However, the process of the perm is quite analogous to that of a traditional perm. The name “Digital Perm” is also copyrighted by a Japanese company, PAIMORE Co., Ltd. Hairstylists usually call it a “hot perm”, but it is commonly known as a “digital perm”.
A normal perm basically requires only the perm solution. A digital perm requires a (different) solution plus heat. This type of perm is now popular in both South Korea and Japan and other countries.
Beauty Brick is located at Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St. Bel-air Makati City. It is near Red Ribbon Bakeshop and beside the RCBC bank in the building. You cannot easily recognize it so you need to watch out for those land marks. Their salon is easily recognizable of their white facade and some cute little design on the windows. As you enter, you are greeted by the nice staff and will be immediately accomodated. They have a small lounge where guests can wait beside the main recieving desk. The rest of the place is made up of large full length mirrors, chairs and salon equipments.

the lounge area

You need some reservations here if you want to avail their service. You can call them days before and secure slots. They serve limited amount of customers per day since Mr. Shin, the owner, makes sure he attends to each of his clients. Weekdays are recommended but for those who can't go there on weekdays, Saturdays is the only option on weekends since they are closed on Sunday. Also, they are quite swamped during that day but their service is still good since the staff are efficient.

They offer many salon services including Hair Rebond and of course, Digi Perm. You can bring photos of the look you like or just browse through their magazines and tell Mr. Shin about it. He will make recommendations on what will be good for you. as for me, I just left everything on his hands.

My friend, Ai, ready for her hair makeover

Mr. Shin is very nice, although he doesn't speak much English. His staff translates your conversations with him and it was quite alright. I liked their staff their. They attend to you and are very friendly. From the time we got there until we got out, we were so satisfied with their service.

The treatment starts with a shampoo and after they towel dry your hair, they will ask you what look you want. Upon telling it to Mr. Shin, he will start to cut your hair. After that, a keratin treatment and the initial meds for perming is applied. They will then cover your hair to let the chemicals set in. You will wait long for this to set and so I recomend you bring a book or charge your mobile phones to have something to do.

The staff will check on your hair every now and then and blow dry them to let the chemicals set faster. After a while they will wash your hair and then after drying, they will apply the perming irons that will be attached later on to the machine. Mr Shin Makes sures they are propperly rolled and he himself rolls the parts near your face. After that, they will attach the iron rods to the machine where they will start the perming process. You will also wait a long time for this so make sure you have something to do. After that, the iron rods will be removed and then they will apply the second medicine. They will let it set and after a while, they will wash it.

After washing, they will blow dry it and Mr. Shin will do the final touches on it. He will do some final cuts and apply some wax on it and it is all done.

I was really satisfied with the outcome and since the staff are really nice, they tell you how to take care of it afterwards. They tell you when to wash it (you should wait for at least 24 to 48 hours before washing it). They will also tell you the right products to apply. You can call them also if you need help on the after care.

Also, another thing is you need to pay them on a cash basis. They do not accept credit cards so you need to bring some money for it. You can also inquire to them on the service you wantes so they can quote the amount to you.

Ai's finished curls

I was really satisfied with the curls I had and I am doing my best to maintain it. It was quite difficult at first but I am getting used to it.

This is one of my best recommended salon for those who wants to get their hair done. The staff and Mr Shin is very professional and their service is really good. The people are nice and friendly and I can't say anything on the way they treat their guests. I will surely come back here whenever I had another urge to change my hair style.

Beauty Brick Hair Art Studio
Unit 103 Dona Consolacion Bldg. 122 Jupiter St. Bel-air Makati City


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