Saturday, March 31, 2012

Food Trippin' Korea: Lotteria

One of the most popular fast food chain in Korea is Lotteria which was from the Lotte Group. They are found almost everywhere as where ever we go, we can see a branch of them and a lot of customers are in queue at their counter.

One of their branches is at the underground walkway from the subway near our inn at Busan. We decided to stop by and order a takeout there for our dinner. Since it was something we haven't tried, we figured to give it a shot.

The branch they have was big and had a lot of space for guests to dine in. As you enter, you can immediately see the counter and all the menu that is available. The place has a feel of the usual fast food burger joint like McDonald's. It is cozy there and you can see the other guests, young and old, all enjoying their meal.

at the counter

customers enjoying their meals

as we wait for the meal

They serve the usual burger and fries of a fast food chain. It is very familiar place and I am sure most of the tourists in Korea will feel comfortable there. The crew can speak English and are really accommodating (especially when they are really trying to understand you).

We had the Chicken Fillet on their menu. A box consist of about 4 pieces of chicken cutlets, breaded in a spicy breading and is deep fried to perfect crispiness.

Chicken Fillet (KRW3,700)

I like how it tasted, a bit spicy, salty and all in all good. It was just a bit pricey but it was alright. I hoped I tried their burgers but I was a bit budget constrained. Anyway, I'll try it whenever I'll be back. They also offer set meals so maybe i'll try one of those.

Try to visit them to get to try out a Korean fast food chain. I'm sure it's another unique experience.


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