Saturday, October 15, 2011

Food Trippin' Istanbul: Takko

Dinner has been a stress buster after work for us in Istanbul. We wanted to try every small restaurant around and one of the closest place from our hotel is a small fast food like restaurant named Takko.

Located beside the building beside Byotell is a small commercial like area where there is a small pharmacy and a veterinary clinic. Along this is Takko. The place is spacious and as you enter, a lo of tables greet you up tp the counter. The main counter has a lot of pictures of the food they have there which is good because we always don't have any idea of what they have.

The waiters served us as we seated on a warmer area of the place. They have seats outside which is a bit cold. They gave us a menu which is similar to the photos at the counter. Since we're a bit of looking for comfort food, we opted to order a burger and a hotdog.

It took a while to have the order and it came with fries and a can of soda. They always serve a large amount of fires compared to the restaurants in the Philippines.

Cheeseburger (8.00TL)
The Cheeseburger was okay. Not that to brag about. It was a bit bland and the patty was so thin that it doesn't look like the one in the photo. It has some pickles and tomato in a toasted bun. I also thought that it wasn't a cheeseburger since I only noticed the cheese when I was halfway through it. I was just so hungry that time that I finished it. It was good but not that something to boast about.

Hotdog Sandwich (7.00TL)

I didn't get to taste the Hotdog Sandwich but my friend said it was tasteless. The pickles tomatoes and dressing on it was the only thing that has flavor on it. Also the bun was good but she was not happy with the overall of the food.

In the end, we just enjoyed the fries and the soda more than the burger and the hotdog, but it was not that bad. It was something for experience. It was also cheap and the waiters were all nice and tried to understand us even if they don't speak much English.

It was another night and another experience at the streets of Istanbul. It was filling and a stress buster after a stressful work day.

For more info:

Kozyatağı Mh.,
E 80 Yanyolu, 
34742 Istanbul Province
Istanbul, Turkey

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