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Place to Stay in Istanbul: Byotell

A five star hotel located at Kozyatağı at the Asia side of Istanbul is Byotell. The place is located near the hi way and across a Carrefour shopping center near the residential area. It is one of the best places to stay in Instanbul for its amenities and good service.

We booked through their website,, and reserved a room for 15 days. Their online booking and reservation is user friendly and we have booked quickly after confirming our days of stay in Istanbul. They even gave us a summary of the rates for each day since it was not a fixed amount per day. Weekends are much cheaper compared to weekdays, especially Wednesday, which has the highest rates. Their standard price is in Euros, however, you can pay them with US Dollars or in Turkish Lira. Also, the booking is convenient enough to have placed the amount in US Dollars for the total amount to be paid. The rooms we booked contains a free buffet breakfast everyday and since we'll be staying for a long period, the shuttle service to the airport, after check out, is free of charge. We also booked a shuttle that will fetch us from the airport on our arrival date. It was convenient since we are new to the country and is not sure where to go as soon as we land.

The location is very nice since it was just across a mall and around it are small shops and cafés where you can shop and dine when you have free time and the weather is fine. Also, restaurants are available in the hotel itself. They offer different cuisines and sure enough you'll enjoy the dining experience. It was a bit pricey dining there but it is still good to try once in a while. One of the restaurants is at the R level. we dine in there every morning for our breakfast. They offer a lot of different variety of food. They have breads, many kinds of it, salad area, sandwich area, cereals, fruits and the savory dishes which I usually enjoy. Also, they offer fruit juices and coffee or tea which will be served at your table. The staff are friendly here and you can ask them if ever you need a refill.

Restaurant at the R Level
Selection of food for the buffet breakfast

The rooms are nice. They are big and is very comfortable. It has its own toilet and bath. A bathtub and shower is available with hot and cold water. There is a big mirror at the sink and toiletries are available. It even has a blow dryer and clean towels are available everyday.

Inside the bathroom

a robe is provided and the shower and tub is cleaned everyday

The closet is huge enough to fit all my clothes. It also has a safe where you can place your valuables. Also, the laundry bag is available there if you need them to wash your clothes (it comes with a fee and it is quite expensive). A full length mirror is on the door of the closet and it is great to see if you look good in your clothes.

The cabinet with the full length mirror

It is spacious inside and can fit all your clothes

It has a safe to put in all your valuable stuff

The bed is comfortable and the sheets are replaced when you ask them too. Each day they arrange it. I was just wondering where the small pillow has gone on our 2nd week of stay there. They have missed to place it back but it was all okay.

The bed and study area

sheets are clean and the bed is comfortable

There is also a minibar where drinks and snacks are available. If you get some on these, you need to pay for it so it was better not to as not to be charged extra. They, however, gives free bowl of fruit and a bottle of water free of charge. It is quite expensive if you avail of the food in the minibar so better buy some supplies from the nearest grocery.

The dresser where they put fresh fruits for guests to eat

The mini bar is at the left side where the menu is also available

The outlets there are all using Euro Plug so if ever you have a different plug, you can borrow from the front desk and they are kind enough to lend you if ever they still have available, else, you can buy one from Carrefour nearby.

My room (I think they don't believe in the 13th floor jinx)
The rooms also has a nice view at the top levels. Although there are some building blocking it, it is still okay. Here is the view at our floor:

The waters covered by the towering buildings

More buildings

Restaurant located at the ground floor

The hotel offers a lot of amenities. They have function rooms for business use and also on the lower levels, they have a fitness center where you can use their gym for free as a guest. They also have a steam bath which you can avail of. They also have a beauty salon where guests can have their makeovers. We failed to avail of these amenities and we just got a glimpse of then when we went to the lower floors. It was nice there and I think they offer good services. They also have a mezzanine where you can hang out and relax, or have a meeting. We usually use this place whenever we need to talk about work related stuff. It is very convenient since the whole hotel has WIFI access.

Main Lobby of the Hotel

One of the best things here is their staff. The front desk people can speak in English and we can understand them clearly. They also are accommodating whenever we ask them of things like the plug adapter and the tour which we availed. They are also kind enough to book us a taxi everyday for our client visits. Room service is also good and they get to us very shortly upon calling them. Another thing is when my friend's room could not be opened because the lock inside got stuck preventing it to open from outside. They immediately called utility to fix it and they also gave us a new key for the room. It was good service indeed.

It was really a five star hotel and we love the service here. It is quite expensive but it is sure nice to stay here. Service is good, room gets cleaned everyday, staff is friendly, buffet breakfast is really filling and it is a very comfortable stay. It was really our home for half a month in Istanbul and it is one of the reasons we enjoyed our stay here. A recommended place to stay in Istanbul. Two thumbs up!

Kozyatağı Mh., Saniye Ermutlu Sk 14,
34736 Istanbul Province
Istanbul, Turkey

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