Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Army Navy

It was Friday once again and it is time for our weekly lunch out with my lunch buddies. We tried Army Navy this time at Glorietta 5.

The restaurant is located at the 2nd floor facing Glorietta 4. It's main door is located outside where in there are additional tables for those people dining. The interior is quite small and majority is the counter and kitchen area. The counter area has a big barracks type of design. The wall has a lot of framed pictures of the stuff they sell. They place info about the dishes there.

The main dishes they serve are burritos and burgers. I have been to this place before with my ex office mates and I already tasted their burgers. This time, I like to have their sandwiches since I think I will not finish if I ordered a burrito.

I ordered a Starving Sailor Chicken Sandwich which is like a Philly Cheesesteak. It has veggies and slices of grilled chicken with cheese inside the bun. It tasted good especially the chicken however it lacks cheese. I haven't tasted it much but generally it is good.

Starving Sailor Sandwich - Chicken (P205)

They ordered Double Burger, Bully Boy Burger, Fearless Fried Chicken, and Longganisa Breakfast Burrito (sorry got no photo but it was P155). The Longganisa Breakfast Burrito is a must try!

Double Burger (P185)

Bully Boy Burger (P235)

Fearless Fried Chicken (P135)

This place is good for barkadas who love to eat together. This is a nice place since you can choose to eat either burgers or burritos or sandwiches or anything you want. There is variety and it is good. So next time you see an Army Navy near you, try it out and grab a bite!

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