Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is like...

Ang pagibig, parang nage-MRT lang yan, wag mo nang ipagsiksikan and sarili mo kung wala nang lugar.. May next train pa naman eh.

Kat and I had a movie date here at home yesterday. It's out of our frustration last Friday that we couldn't go out and see a movie because of the MMFF entries still being shown. The above quote is a line from the movie we watched.

At 5pm we started our bonding moment and watched a movie. She brought some DVD's but unfortunately, we only watched one since we talked and talked before watching it. I Do was our choice since she haven't watched it yet, and so do I (since I am not a big fan of watching tagalog movies at cinemas and I'm too lazy to buy DVD's).

I Do starring Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales is a romantic comedy movie about young love. It tells the story of Yumi and Lance who met each other at a wedding and soon become a couple. They experience a lot of challenges in their relationship such as teen pregnancy, early marriage and cultural difference between the couple but they conquered it all and at the end have become more mature individuals.

What I like in this flick is Janus' love quotes. His "Ang pagibig ay parang...".  I compiled them all because I really enjoyed it:

Ang pagibig ay parang cellphone na nahulog sa toilet. Makukuha mo lang kung meron kang lakas ng loob.
Ang Pagibig ay parang computer virus. Sinisira ang lahat ng pinaghirapan mo!
Ang pagibig ay parang dry ice. Kung bibitiwan mo lang, wag mo nang hawakan.
Ang pagibig ay prang adobong mani. Pag nasimulan na, ayaw mo nang tigilan.
Ang pagibig ay parang ipis na tinapakan. Akala mo patay na, yun pala buhay pa.
Ang pagibig ay hindi parang ATM machine na kuha ka lang ng kuha. Magdeposit ka naman!
Ang pagibig ay parang tinga. Kahit anong sungkit mo, nakabaon pa din.
Ang pagibig ay parang langaw na natrap sa kotse. Kahit anong bugaw mo, ang hirap dispatsahin.
Ang pagibig ay parang Crispy Pata. Masarap pero deadly.
Ang pagibig ay parang bill ng kuryente. Ang daming hidden charges, wala kang laban.
Ang pagibig, parang multiple chioce yan, kung ako pipiliin mo, pakakasalan kita kahit bukas na bukas din. Kasi parang taxi yan, yung ibang driver namimili ng pasahero, pero ako, to any point of Luzon pwede.
Ang pagibig, parang nage-MRT lang yan, wag mo nang ipagsiksikan and sarili mo kung wala nang lugar.. May next train pa naman eh.
 Here are some other which I also liked (and laughed at):
Kung hindi tayo meant to be, make a mistake with me!
Ang true love parang multo, sabi sabi lang, wala namang pruweba.

What I also like about this flick is on how they argued about love. If it is all fate or a just choice. Yumi believes in "the one" while Lance believes that it is what you choose that will determine your future as a couple. Well, if you ask me, I think it is a mixture of both. You'll meet someone that fate had brought you but it will still be your choice to stay inlove with a person. I read an article about hormones responsible for this love thinggy and it says that this will only last for a maximum of 18 month, after that, it's up to the couple if they will make or break the relationship. Well you see, it's your choice to fall in love with a person for years. But it should be mutual, for my opinion. I think I'm blabbing too much already, back to the movies.

This is a fun and light movie. I just find it a bit bitin in the acting of the main casts but it was quite okay. Good thing I only watched it in videos and not in cinemas. It is a good movie if you want to ust chill, laugh and feel inlove. 

So, can you give your own "Ang pagibig ay parang..." quote?

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