Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Friday and It's Girl's Night Out!

It was another Friday meaning it's gimmick night! I met Kat at Glorietta after work. we were supposed to meet Archie but he says that their company's shuttle has not yet arrived and so we went to Alabang. Soon he texted that he couldn't made it. We met Mhe Anne there and eat dinner. After that, we wanted to see a movie but we got hooked up in catching up with each other and so we went to Greens and Grills just outside Fesitval Supermall.It was just supposedly a small catching up with each other that ended with a fun and happy night with the girls.

Since it was a Friday, the whole place is crowded. We decided to stay at Chillax Bar since Mhe suggested it there. They are located near Gilligans and in between the other bars in the area. The place is small but could accommodate a lot of people. They have a stage where they play karaoke and that night, they have a stand up comedian in the place who sings and jams with the other guests at that night.

We ordered some food, a bucket of Red Horse (4) with Tuna Sisig and Onion rings for pulutan. It is a set meal worth around P390 or so (can't remember exactly). We also had some Tanduay Ice for Kat (Red Horse and Tanduay Ice are always a pair in the two drinking sessions I've been to, a bit strange). Soon, we are enjoying the entertainment on stage as some guys (they are good looking by the way) sang onstage. Also we had fun talking with each other.
Tuna Sisig, Onion Rings, Red Horse and Tanduay Ice

As the night went by, we decided to try their Shisha. I've been curious about this thing for a while now. It is a smoking thing from India that you need to inhale the smoke from a tube connected to a glass with water. I think I am not giving you the right idea on this but it looks like this:
The one behind the two Tanduay Ice
So we ordered this one for P300. They refill the coal on top of it regularly because if not, you cannot get any smoke out of it. By the way, they let you choose the flavor of the smoke. We chose pineapple since they recommended it. This is becoming a popular trend now a days since most of the youth could feel what it is like when smoking. Although I know that the youth do know how to smoke because anyone can buy cigarettes and they don't restrict it even to minors. Anyway, this stuff is good and I liked it. Maybe next time we'll try it again, Mhe said that they will text us when they have Strawberry flavor, she said it tasted really good and we should try it.

After much talk and laugh and girl bonding, we decided to call it a night. We paid the bill (which is around P1,100 not bad for all of that beers we consumed). We left the bar and freshen up before going home. We stopped at Aplaya, a bar on that area and we herd a band singing How to Save a Life by The Fray. We stopped and watched for a while when the vocalist looked at us. I waved at him and he waved back. I was so kilig because he was so cute! haha! I can't describe how kilig I am that night. He was even inviting us to have a round of beer on the bar but we were already a bit drunk and we need to go home.

Mhe says they play there regularly so maybe next time we get to watch them again. Anyway, here is a clip of them playing courtesy of Mhe:

They are good actually, the vocalist has a really good voice and did I say he can also play the guitar? WOW! I hope I could upload the other video here but that is all I've searched on it, so enjoy (I am kilig whenever I hear this song, this is my happy song *blush*).

So after that we went home (we cam whore first :P). I was really drunk that I don't know how did I changed my clothes. I just remembered that I woke up in the morning with a heavy hangover and took some meds and slept again. When I wake up, it's already lunch time. A fun night with my girls! Hope we do this again.

sings How to Save a life *blush*

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