Thursday, January 13, 2011

Beginners Luck FAIL! at Resorts World Casino

Our spontaneous trip last Friday on Resorts World brought us to its Casino. It was the first time I get to go in one since no one invites me there and I am not a fan of these kind of things. I usually just watch it in Hollywood movies and sometimes get to program some games usually found in casinos. That's the closest I could get into one. This time, It's for real! I get to enter one and play.

They say you have beginners luck whenever it is your first time to play in a casino. I am not sure if this is true but I will try my luck here.

Anyway, before we could enter the premises, they checked on our age. You need to be 21 to be able to get in and play. I think we look like innocent kids trying to get in there *wink*. So we showed ID's. unfortunately, one of us didn't bring his ID and also he is not yet 21. Boo! I will not name you here since I am a good friend. But it was really funny because we went back and decided if we will leave him outside or just scrap the casino idea. Guess our decision. Well you already know by now, we wanted to try it since we're already here so we left him outside together with other kids that couldn't enter.

So we just decided to play just one game since we left our friend outside. We decided to try our luck in the wheel of fortune game. This one is easy, you just need to place a bet on the denominations on the table and when the wheel turns and stops at the one you bet, you win!
Wheel of Fortune is something like this only the one we played has denominations. When it stops spinning the denomination pointed by the marker is the winner.

We watched it first to see how others do it. I secretly bet on my mind on what will come out and it was the one which came out. Amazing! So we got our chips (by the way, it is free courtesy of Emvin, thanks!). We waited again for the next round since I still don't want to bet. This time, what I bet on my mind didn't came out. I will try the next round so I concentrated well on it. Unfortunately my bet didn't came out. I guess my beginners luck was the one I bet on my mind. Sad, I wasted it. But never mind, maybe next time I'll win, It's just that there are a lot of people there and I cannot concentrate (lol). So that night:
Beginner's Luck = FAIL!

I just realized that P300 was wasted there with us. And it was just one play. Most of the people there keep on betting, they even excnage P1000 for chips. I wonder how these people earn these money. It was like they are wasting it. Anyway, from what I have observed, casino business is good especially if there are addict gamblers there. If I was rich, I'll have my own casino too. Wishful thinking lol!

That night was fun and we were all ready to go out of that place but not yet ready to go home, so off we went to another gimmick.

Nice spontaneous Friday indeed. I enjoyed it much!

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