Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bursting Tires and Armed Escorts

I have an adventure to tell that just happened a while ago as I was on my way home.

After our dinner date, Kat and I went home riding a bus going to Alabang. As the bus was cruising Skyway, the tires suddenly burst and so all the passengers went down in hopes of another bus stopping by there. Two buses came to our aid but they were already full so most of us stayed and waited. As we are waiting there, a vehicle stopped at us. At first we thought it was the Skyway Patrol but when the man in uniform talked to us from the window, I knew that they are from the AFP. They are offering us free ride going to Bicutan. At first Kat and I were hesitant because she said that there are no loading zones there but since two other guys boarded the vehicle, we said, what the hell! It's a free ride!

We learned that they are going back to Camp Bagong Diwa and that Bicutan is on their way. They are kind enough to drop us off there. As we got to Bicutan, we thanked them thinking that they will proceed to their destination. However, they stopped at the bus unloading zone and waited there for a bus with us. Imagine they are carrying rifles and are beside us guarding us. It was like we are VIPs.

A MMDA approached us and the AFP told him what happened at Skyway and entrusted us to him so that we could ride the bus there even if it was an unloading zone only. We said thanks once again to the AFP men as they proceeded to their camp. We also thanked the MMDA for letting us ride there.

We only paid half the amount of the bus fare. It was quite a unique adventure for us and we wouldn't have experienced it if we didn't take the chance that was offered to us. We are thankful for the AFP and the MMDA for their assistance to us. Without them, we couldn't go home early tonight and I wouldn't have blogged this. I salute you sir for your kindness! Thank you very much!

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