Saturday, February 5, 2011

Down with the Sickness

This post has nothing to do with the song but I can't think of anything to call this.

I haven't been blogging for the past few days because I am sick. I had a terrible headache last weekend (which is not connected to this but still made me feel weak) and slight fever (I feel feverish and my body is aching, not sure if I really have a fever). The worse part is, I am coughing bad last Sunday which makes it hard for me to sleep. T_T

I've been on medicine since then and I am always feeling groggy. My head is spinning sometimes and I am not getting any better. Sleeping is very difficult since every move that wakens me slightly makes me cough hard and not be able to get back to sleep fast.

Working in the office is getting hard also since I am coughing and coughing and haven't been able to concentrate on the things I should be doing. Good thing UAT's up and we get to support them. I only get to observe and do some little investigation. I can get to rest for a while.

Since the cough is not going away, my tummy muscles are aching bad from the constant cough. My back is also hurting and I don't know why. It feels like I have ran a marathon and my body is aching hard. This is why I don't get to blog lately. I couldn't concentrate and I just want to rest.

I want this to go away! It's getting better though but I hope it will be soon. The cold weather isn't helping much so I wish that the meds will work soon.

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