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Backpacking Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: A Visit at Petronas Twin Towers

After our tour at KL Tower, we rode a cab going to Petronas Towers, our next stop on our one day trip in Kuala Lumpur. Petronas Twin Towers is considered to be the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1998 and lasted until Taipei 101 was completed in 2004 which surpassed it. However, it still remains the tallest twin towers in the world today. It is approximately 1,483 feet high and has 88 floors in it. The two towers is joined by the Sky Bridge joined in the 41st and 42nd floor.

Visitors can actually go up the tower but there are only 1000 tickets that are available everyday and it comes with a first come first serve basis. Usually, people line up here early in the morning just to go up this famous structure. Since we got to Kuala Lumpur at dawn and we were so tired, we just opted to sleep our way in the comfy beds of our inn and just decided to go here before we go back to Singapore.

We actually saw the tower as we arrived here the night before. Aeroline's stop was in Corus Hotel and it is a few blocks away from the tower. As I saw it, I was amazed and the lighting of the building made it more beautiful. I wanted to go there and take pictures but we were so tired and need to find our inn that morning and so, we just looked at it and saved it night image in our memories. 

Petronas Towers at the Suria KLCC grounds

In the morning, it was different, but it was still amazing. There are lots of people taking pictures of it and we're one of them. One thing is for certain on taking picture of the towers, you need to get far just to capture the whole thing in photos.

There is a long park at the foot of the towers. There are fountains along it. At the far end is where most tourist go because it is the perfect spot where people can take pictures of it with them. We stayed there and shoot away while waiting for our other companions. It was fun trying to get the right angle for this two giants in the middle of the scorching sun. We all admire the beauty of its architecture and was contented to have been there.

One of the reason we went to this trip to Malaysia is to see this majestic Petronas Towers is because of a movie by John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo, Miss You Like Crazy. One of the scenes there told of the tower. If I remember correctly, their conversation goes like this:

A: 'yun yung pangalan? Titiwangsa?
M: Oo. Nandun yung Petronas Tower. Alam mo yung Petronas diba?
A: No.
M: Ano ka ba? Iyon yung dalawang mataas na buildings
A: Yes. Iyong parang may bridge sa pagitan nila?
M: Oo, 'Yun! Ang ganda-ganda 'nun paborito ko uun. Minsan nga naiimagine ko magkausap yung dalawa kasi para silang magkaholding-hands.
A: Oh? Anong sabi nila sa isa't isa?
M: Masaya ajo kasi kasama kita.
A: Ako din
M: ...
A: Sabi nung isa.
M: Ahhh...

And so, because of that, we wanted to see the twin towers for ourselves.

Suria KLCC at the feet of Petronas Towers
Suria KLCC Mall

After we the photo sessions and feeling the scorching heat and being hungry at the same time, we all went to the Suria KLC , which is a mall located at the feet of the Petronas Tower. The mall is quite high end and most of the international brands are found there. We opted to eat the food court and we ordered our favorite Chicken Rice Meal from the food stalls there. After that, we explored the mall and looked at what can be found in the stores. We ended up sitting at the KLCC Park just behind the mall and the twin tower. It has a large fountain area and people just go there, sit, chat, and relax. Like the other people there, we looked for a spot and took group pictures. After a while, we transferred to the farther side of the park and relaxed among the trees. We opted to just stay there until we go to Corus Hotel for our trip back to Singapore. We rested, took pictures and enjoyed the scenery around. 

Fountain at KLCC Park

Other end of the park. Pool at the far end

There is also this bridge here where you can see and take picture of the Petronas Tower from Behind. It is also a hotspot for tourist since it offers a nice view of the twin towers. Across it is a pool where there are a lot of children swimming and playing around. The park was nice and is friendly for all people. I like it here and I loved our stay here.

View of Petronas Towers at the KLCC Park

Taking picture of me and the towers

Soon, we all left the area and went to Corus Hotel for the next leg of our adventure, going back and touring Singapore!

For more information on Petronas Twin TowersSuria  KLCC and KLCC Park, check out these sites:

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