Sunday, September 4, 2011

Taiyaki Treat for Snack

Taiyaki is a Japanese fish-shaped cake usually with filling inside. It is a common snack in Japan and it comes with various filings inside such as red bran paste, custard, chocolate, cheese, etc.

I have known this snack for a while now since we discovered a small stall along Muntinlupa National Road selling this. It was owned and managed by a Japanese man and his family. You can see him usually cooking the fish-shaped cakes as people queue up to order.

We usually buy from him for afternoon snack and their small treats are a sure hit for us. I usually favor the custard filing and it tasted so good. The batter that was used resulted in a filled cake with minimal air in it making it filling in every bite. Combined with the filling, the treat is good with coffee of hot choco to go with it. It is not a usual thing that you can buy in malls, this things has a different taste unique to it. It is maybe the flavor are all from Japan because of the Japanese owner. I don't know, but it is one good snack that I am sure you will also love. Also, the fish-shaped cakes are fun to look at. I am sure kids would love it and so will the adults.

Taiyaki. I just love those fishies! :)

If you are nearby, try to visit their small stall along National Road in Muntinlupa. Look for the Taiyaki sign in front of their store and the Japanese man cooking there. Happy Eating!

Brgy. Poblacion National Road, Muntinlupa City
(In front of Caltex Gas Station)

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