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Place to Stay in Busan: Blue Backpacker's Hostel

We stayed in a backpacker's inn in Busan and it was just a few minutes walk from Seomyeon Station. It was called Blue Backpacker's Hostel and it was a cheap place to stay wherein it is comfortable for us travelers.

The place was quite difficult to locate given the map they had on the website, however, with the help of a few friendly people, we were able to find it and for about an hour of being lost in the cold streets of Busan, we finally found it and checked in.

Map to the inn from Seomyeon Station
room rates

The owner welcomed us as we got in. he quickly registered us and oriented us around. We need to pay right away since guests there can leave anytime they want and just leave the keys on the front desk. The owner, Mr Jin, oriented us of the door password and the facilities around. He gave us the key to our room after and we're on our own. He was a kind man and he is readily available for the guests assistance.

entrance to the inn
Announcements on the KTX tickets to Seoul

First floor lobby

Announcement board

second floor lobby

The place was small and difficult to find. It was located in the small streets from the main road. The train can be heard from here but it wasn't that disturbing. The receiving area is small. It has a small sofa, a pay phone, some brochures for tours and a lot of small potted plants. They also have a drinking area for the arriving guests. At the first floor, there are a few rooms occupied by guests. They also have a common room where you can watch TV or log in the internet. The second floor offers more rooms and as you ascend higher, you'll get to the rooftop where you can see a view of the city. Also, this is also the way going to the kitchen.

Dining area

the kitchen
Usual breakfast of toast butter and jam with hot choco

Their kitchen is big and had a lot of dining tables. It has refrigerators and some toasters plus some water dispenser for hot and cold water. They have a large area where you can cook and prepare food. They offer breads, spreads and eggs that you can cook there. You can also get coffee, chocolate drink or tea there for breakfast which starts at 8am to 11am.

double decker bed with comforters

Our room was big and has a double deck bed with a toilet and bath. The owner provided us with towels and extra bed cover. It already has a comforter since it was freezing cold. They also have a heater which makes the floor really warm and comfortable. The room also has a small fridge but we didn't use it. It also has a very large mirror on the wall.

toilet and bath (though the toilet isn't seen in this photo)

The toilet and bath was also big. They have hot and cold waters which takes a while to heat up. The shower area has a bath tub but there are no plugs and the water continuously drains. If you get up really early in the morning, the heaters are still off and you should wait a while if don't want to take a bath on icy cold water.

The place was really clean and it was cozy there. The other guests are friendly to us and so are the owners who greet us every morning.I like this place and I would recommend it to other backpacker's who are in Busan for a trip. They can even offer you trips around and so, you can relax and enjoy your trip around. I really like staying in backpacker's inn and this one is one of them!

Blue Backpacker's Hostel
Bujeon 2dong 454-1Busan Jingu
614-830, Korea

domestic: 051-634-3962; 010-5019-3962
international: 8251-634-3962; 8210-5019-3962
hours: 08:30 - 22:30

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