Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lago del Rey Challenge at CWC in Camsur

Since we didn't proceed with our camping at Calaguas as originally planned, we allotted our time to go to Camarines Sur after our morning surfing at Bagasbas Beach.

We got to Camarines Sur at around 2 in the afternoon and proceeded at Camarines Sur Water Complex or CWC to challenge again wakebording. However, when we arrived there, we were on the end of the waitlist and checked the beginners area. All the pros are there because the wider wakeboarding area is under repair.

We lost our hope in the beginner's area and so we explored the place. We got to the otehr side where Lago del Rey was and we got excited upon seeing all the inflatables there.

Lago del Rey facilities

We instantly grabbed our stuff and registered in this area for an hour. We were thinking of getting the half hour rate but it was just hours before closing and a few peso is still savings for us. Here are the rates at the park:

As we enter, life vests are a must and they give you one that fits you. After that, you can run to the water area where all the fun is.

We also rented a boat for an hour. We thought it could go in the inflatable area but it is just for the outside part of the course. We instantly got bored with it and we all went for the inflatables.

Boating (PHP100/hr)

The inflatables were great. It was like being a child again. You need to swim around to get to them. My target was the Ice Berg but the guides there insisted we go to the obstacle area.

the inflatables
Firsh challenge is to get to the inflatable obstacle

Then conquer the obstacles

victory! :)

At first I though it was easy, but after you get into one, you'll lose balance, have difficulty in standing and everything was ten times as hard as I imagined. You need to climb up some obstacles or crawl to them and just hold on and not fall back into the water. It was fun and hard at the same time. As you survive each obstacle, you'll crack up laughing at the others who are just trying to do it.

first challenge is get to the ice berg from the water

climb up to the top

slide down to the water! weee!

At last I got to the Ice Berg. It wasn't as fun as I imagined. First thing, climbing in that stuff was very hard. You need to think on how you'll be able to go up using the steps you can reach. I am small and my reach isn't that good and so, I needed a guide to help me to it. As I got to the first paltform, I was already exhausted, but I need to climb. At last I reached the top and from there, you need to slide down. This part I was excited. I cannot hode the thrill as adrenaline rushed to my system. As then, splash! I hit the waters! it was fun, but I was too tired to challenge the bigger Ice berg.. I just swam around watching and laughing at others.

the challenge here is not to fall down when jumping

very difficult to stand back up

pure fun! ^___^

The last thing we tried there is the trampoline area. We waited for the other group to get out of there and then we all got to it. It was the msot fun part of that place. We were jumping around and laughing and jumping. It was pure fun. We didn't want it to end but we all got tired. We stayed there for the longest time. It was like being a kid again. I can't fight the smiles as I remembered our experience there.

Dead tired with all the adventures that day, we got back to Camarines Norte when dusk hit Lago del Rey. It was tiring but it was pure fun and I hope we'll be doing it again the next time we got to be there. It was okay that we didn't wake board at that time, Lago del Rey sure made our short vacation complete!

Lago del Rey

Camsur Watersports Complex Office:
Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: +(63)54 477-3344/+(63)54 477-3349
Fax Number: +(63)54 477-3347
Mobile No: +(63) 917 8954156 +(63) 999 8893697
E-mail: villadelreyreservation@gmail.com

Manila Liason Office:
2nd Floor bldg. 11 la Fuerza Plaza Compound, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Philippines
Phone number: +63(2) 817-0831
Fax number: +63(2) 817-0832
E-mail: villadelreyreservation@gmail.com

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