Friday, February 24, 2012

Breakfast at Grams Diner

After the Condura Skyway Run 2012: Run for the Mangroves, we were all looking for something to eat. Since we were on the Alabang area, we decided to go to Molito Commercial Complex to look for something to eat.

Upon parking our car, we went to the nearest place we saw and it was Grams Diner. The place has a few guests early that morning and it was nice to hang out since there are a few pwople.

The place is just small with a few tables inside and some more outside. The kitchen can be seen from a glass area where you see them cook your food. There is a large tv hanging where guests can watch while waiting for food. The waiters and waitresses assists you couteously as you enter the place. It was nice that they wait patiently for us to have our orders.

The Kitchen Area

Early morning diners

be happy and grateful!

Early that morning, they are serving breakfast meals. It was what they suggested but I am not sure id other dishes in the menu is available at that time. We settled in a cozy seat and looked at the menu and had our orders.

We had the Corned Beef Hash 'n' Eggs and Pancake Breakfast. Each meal will be cooked upon order and you can ask them on how to cook your eggs. It was a bit of a waiting time, good thing there is the TV switched on to cartoons to entertain me.

Corned Beef Hash 'n' Eggs (PHP175)

The Corned Beef Hash 'n' Eggs has two scrambled eggs and corned beef hash, served with your choice of rice, home fries or buttered toast.

Pancake Breakfast (PHP165)

Pancake Breakfast has two flapjacks, two scrambled eggs and two crisp bacon strips.

The meal was very good and filling. The pancakes were really good especially with the syrup plus the bacon to counter its sweetness. The eggs was cooded perfectly and I liked it very much.

The place was nice and cozy, the crew attend to us well. As for the food, it was good and it comes in large servings, however for the price, it was a bit expensive since a meal doesn't come with any drinks. Also, it was a breakfast meal and they serve it without coffee or tea. Other than that, it was quite good. If you're looking for something different to eat and could spare some cash, try them out. Maybe next time, I'll go back to try out their other dishes. I am sure I will also like it.

Grams Diner 
Molito Commercial Complex
Muntinlupa City

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