Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dinner at Meister's

I saw pictures on my phone when I was getting bored here in the office. I remembered one which I took and decided to blog about but wasn't able because I can't remember why lolz. So to make up for it, I am going to blog about it now.

When Millet and I had a girl date (when we bought our Havaianas) we decided to have dinner before going home. She suggested something at Glorietta Food Choices and since I don't have any cravings then, I agreed.

We had our dinner at Meister's at the Glorietta Food Choices. It is located near the escalator going to the cinemas. The dishes they serve are pastas, side dish and meat (chicken, pork, etc.). It is like that of World Chicken that you get to chose what you want combination of dishes you wish to have in your plate. They have a fix price for the meal and it depends if you want to add some drinks. Usually the budget is more or less P150 - P200.

I had pasta with cream/white sauce, pork with cheese sauce and cold macaroni salad. Millet also had pasta but with seafood cream sauce, buttered baby potatoes and pork with gravy.
My meal

Millet's Meal

The food was filling. Super filling and yummy. I didn't finish most of the food on my plate because it was so plenty. The servings is good enough for the price. I like that they have variety in the meat and sauces of the pasta. Typing and remembering the meal we had makes me wanna go to Glorietta 4 now and eat there again.

Next time you drop by Glorietta 4 Food Choices, try Meiste'rs and be ready to loosen your belt for this meal will really fill your hungry tummy!

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