Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gelato Cakes at Caramia Gelateria

It was Sir Lester's birthday last February 1 and all of his team was invited for a lunch out. Since I was part of MasterCard Team, I was invited too, so off we go to Amici at Ayala Triangle Garden.

Amici's place at ATG was big because together with it was Caramia Gelateria, a gelato place where they sell different kinds of gelato.We ate lunch at Amici and planned to have dessert at Caramia.

After our filling lunch at Amici, the dessert came. It was a surprise for Sir Lester since he didn't know we ordered him a gelato cake.

Banana Blast (P600)

We had Banana Blast which is a Gelato Cake. The bottom layer consist of chocolate cookies and a layer of banana flavored gelato. The top consist of scoops of chocolate and strawberry gelato and some chocolates and strawberries for the garnish on top. It was very very yummy and each bite is a burst of flavor. The only thing I didn't like were the strawberry garnish which are frozen and very sour. I just drown the flavor with the gelato. Over all this dessert is heaven! It was very very yummy! You should try this one too when you get to any Amici and Caramia branch.

Happy Birthday Sir Les!

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