Monday, April 2, 2012

Backpacking Sagada: Walking around Sagada Town Proper

A few minutes walk away from the Municipal Hall, near the town hospital, you will find St. Mary the Virgin Church. It can be easily seen with a large bell landmark. This bell fell down years back and since then, it was displayed at the back of the church. The Church is also near the school and the girl's dormitory. The church is near the trail going to Echo Valley.

 It is quite big and they held the mass there in Ilocano. Theire is just one mass in Tagalog there so if you wish to attend, you should ask them of the schedule.

the big bell

park just behind the church

near the church

Near the St. Mary the Virgin Church is the town cooperative store. They sell a lot of stuff there including meals. They have some wild honey and blueberry jams as well as other pasalubong items. They also sell yummy cakes and you must try their moist Chocolate Cake and Custard Cake. They are surely winners!

Sagada COOP Canteen

inside the coop

wild honey, peanut butter and blueberry jam

Moist Chocolate Cake (PHP35)

Custard Cake (PHP35)

Also, you can buy some Yougrt Drink (Shamrock Cafe) here and they are also good. I liked it very much and you should also make sure to try those.

yogurt drink (PHP40)

There are also other good breads that you can buy around. At the small commercial area near the town hall, there are a lot of stores where you can buy other stuffs and eat yummy food. We had our first day lunch at a small eatery down the coop area. They serve Pinikpikan and since we're eager to try one, we ordered it for our lunch. It was a different experience and we sure enjoyed it (I'll be posting a different entry for it).

Pinikpikan (PHP100)

Chocolate Croissant (PHP40)

There is also a bakery there that sells the yummiest Chocolate Croissant that I tasted. It was really yummy and they will re-heat it for you if you like. They also sell some pottery on that store but I didn't ask them since I didn't intend to buy some.

Sagada Weaving

In the far side of town is the Sagada Weaving. Here is where they weave those nice cloth that in their culture, was used as their clothes long time ago. Today, they are made to bags and purses for souveniers. The people there make their livelihood by selling those stuff.

inside the weaving area

The town proper, if you go down from the municipal hall is an array of shops and restaurants. You can find different souvenier items here as well as a lot of other stuff you can buy. The restaurants in the area are also good to try. Each has a specialty that you would love. They are a bit pricey, though, but you should experience them since they are really good.

view of the town

You should spend half a day or the whole day to go shopping here. They have a wide selection to choose from and I am sure you will love this place and will feel at home because of the warm welcome of the people.

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