Saturday, April 28, 2012

Food Trippin' Sagada: Lemon Pie House

On our first night in Sagada, we decided to try out the restaurants in the area. We originally plan to dine at Yoghurt House but since it was pretty early that time, we decided to stroll along the streets and look for places to buy pasalubong. Since we are near the end of the town already, we decided to have dessert first and eat the famous lemon pie found at The Lemon Pie House .

After checking in the menu in the store, we decided to have dinner there already since it was getting dark outside and we are already getting hungry and is getting lazy going back the way we walked from there. It was also better eating there since the place is not crowded. There are just a few groups dining in and most of the tables are vacant. I thought it is better to celebrate my friend's birthday here that night.

The Lemon Pie House
The place can be found way down the street going to the caves. It is quite far from the main area of stores, however, if you ask people there, they would be willing to tell you directions going there. The place is easily recognizable as it is all painted yellow. There is a small sign at the side and on the front. It is a two-storey house wherein the ground floor was made into a restaurant. As you enter, you will feel the cozy ambiance inside. It is quite dark and everything inside was made of wood. There are a lot of places to settle in. They have this Japanese style dining area and some lowered tables and chairs. In the next room are more seating area for guests. Also, the front yard has some tables and chairs where guests can dine in. They have some seating at the back area also. This is their garden and it is quite cozy here.
The dining area

counter and more dining area

outside, in the garden

the dining area on the second room

The owners there are very friendly and they assist you with a smile. They were patient as we thought of what to order and also, for all my requests to them. We ended up ordering their Red Spicy Chicken which is just new in their menu and a Vegetarian Meal. My friend and I shared these plates. We also had a plate of Lemon Pie each which is supposed to be for dessert but we were very hungry and intrigued to save it for later.

Vegetarian Meal (PHP100)

Red Spicy Chicken Meal (PHP150)

The Red Spicy Chicken and the Vegetarian Meal was all good. The Chicken is fried and coated with a special red sauce. It has a hint of spice in it and is perfect paired with the rice and fries that comes with the meal. The vegetables are also good. You can really taste that they are fresh and they are cooked nicely. We loved the vegetables here.

Lemon Pie (slice: PHP25/ whole: PHP180)

The Lemon Pie was something I haven't tasted before. I am not really fond of anything citrus in desserts and so, I was quite intrigued of what this would taste like. It didn't disappoint me though, as it tasted really good. It has the right balance of sweetness and the sour lemon flavor. I have described it as refreshing and it is really good to eat as a dessert as it will surely wash your pallet, however, we had it the other way around, but to hell with it, it still tasted good!

Before we go back to Manila, we got back to the Lemon Pie House. We brought our friend who liked to have a taste of the pies here, and so, we got to opportunity to taste their other pies here too. We had a slice of their Blueberry Pie.

Blueberry Pie (slice: PHP35/ whole: 260)

Both pies were good and are both yummy. The Blueberry Pie has the right amount of berries in it that makes it taste good.

I would recommend these place for all those who wants to taste their yummy food. You should really go here and have a taste of their Lemon Pie. Going to Sagada without having a taste of it is unforgivable! It is one of the must tries here and you should really go for it.

The Lemon Pie House
Atey, Dao-Angan, Sagada
Mobile: (63) 907-7820360

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