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Place to Stay in Sagada: Sagada Homestay

When in Sagada, there are a lot of small inns and lodges to stay in. One of them is Sagada Homestay which is located near the town's municipal hall.

There are a lot of mixed reviews on this place but for us, it was the most convenient. Since we were so busy, we almost forgot to look for a place to stay in advance and so, days before our trip, we tried to contact them, and since they are the only one who offered us some place, we booked on them.

However, as we got there, it seems our booking wasn't listed and we got worried that we cannot have any place to stay. Fortunately, Karen, the owner gave us a vacant room for four and since we will just use it to sleep in, she allowed us to stay and promised that we'll be transferred the next day. However, since the room will not be used, she allowed us to stay there on the second night for the price we agreed on, PHP250 per night. She would ask for more upon our check out but since we have a text message evidence of her giving that rate to us, she agreed reluctantly. Just a piece of advice, do keep those agreement in handy in case they get to ask for more than what you agreed on.

the main house

reminders and policies

The place is quite difficult to reach since it is on the uphill. There is a shortcut area from town where you will pass on the sides of the houses to the home stay. The main entrance is in the other side of the road but it is quite difficult to go there since it is uphill. You get to the main house so that they can show you your room. They also have rooms separated from the main house and there is where we were led. They have a small bonfire area outside where guests can gather at night and socialize with the other travelers checked in there.

our home for three days

Our room was a room for four with four single beds. It is on the second floor and there are two rooms below. We all share a common toilet and bath and since there are only a few guests there, it is not that crowded.

table outside the house

a place to relax

inside the house

The room itself is nice. Everything is made of wood. They don't have cabinets but there is an area where you can hang your stuff. There is also a large mirror and some tables and outlets available for guests. Everything is clean as we got to our room and it was nice. They offer a free wifi service but it doesn't reach our area, good thing my network's signal is strong there and I can get internet access.

toilet and bath

toilet area

shower area

The toilet and bath are clean and they have a hot shower which is not that easy to figure out. It is just a bit cramped and the hanging areas are a bit high. Maybe they intend it for foreign guests but they should also have thought of locals who are a bit short like me.

our room

the bed with clean sheets

Our room offers a nice view of the village below. The air there is cool and we allowed the wind to blow inside. We didn't need any fans to keep us cool. However, keep the curtains closed as small insects can enter you room and bug you as you sleep. It is also nice to keep it close at night since it is very clod there especially in the early hours of the morning.

view from our room's window

Overall, accommodation there is nice and comfortable. The basic amenities are available and even if other reviews says that they are not that friendly there, we felt at home and well rested in their rooms. Besides, we went there to have a hell of an adventure and not just stay in the inn. It served it purpose of providing us with a nice and comfortable place to stay.

Sagda Homestay
Contact Karen - 
+63 919 702 8380
+63 918 717 3524
+63 919 498 2181

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