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Surviving the Running Dead 2012

To survive a zombie appocalypse, you must be prepared physically and mentally. You need to run! Run fast! Run for your life! Just like what we did in the recently held Running Dead 2012.

Last Sunday at around 5 in the afternoon, brave runners were gathered at The Palms Country Club in Filinvest Alabang. All are hyped and prepared to run to defend their life flags against Tri-zombies who are out and are determined to snatch them from you and make you run as hard as you can.

runners getting ready for the run with their life belts on

zombie sightings

briefing before the race starts

As we arrived, we got our life belts and got ready for the 7 km race ahead. Our goal is to finish the race alive! So with a flashlight in hand, we readied at the starting line. We are with the second wave and as the first wave start, we were all excited for them. As the gun start was heard, all were clapping as the race begun. But not for long as shrieks and screams of scared runners field the air. All of us at the starting line wanted to turn back, but we have zombies to face and our turn to run and scream is in a few minutes.

when you see this sign, RUN!

The first kilometers of the race was really scary since everything was zombie infested. There are obstacles and a lot of zombies chasing us. There are runners who got injured because of fear and adrenaline rush and I hope they are fine. As for me, I am struggling to evade them and run hard to escape them. I was just glad that I grew up playing in the streets and all my patintero and habulan skills were used in this race. You will really never know when you can use those hidden skills.

Here are the zombies (tri-zombies and zombie kids)*

The race course continues and there are short safe areas for us to relax a bit, but at the sloping area, the tri-zombies are attacking and there's where I lose most my life flags. I was thinking of the Konami Code at that moment, if only I can use it, I'd be super brave to push through the crowd of zombies.

The runners.. running for their lives! *

There are a lot of safe zones after the traumatizing zombie wave uphill and we all slowed down to catch breath. There are also hydrating areas nearby so we all could replenish the lost fluids. After a while, there are trail sections and more zombies. It was all exciting and at the same time scare. There are zombies that really chase you and all the adrenaline rush and evading and fast running took its toll on me. I had a side stitch which was the result of this event. As we reached the final leg of the race, which is a zombie infested trail and those zombies are pushing us to run and finish it. I guess they still have their heart intact, and I love them for not getting all our life flags and letting us pass when they saw that we're dead tired already with the chase.

at the finish line

surviving the outbreak

After the event, we all had a feast. It was a buffet courtesy of The Palms Country Club. We get to dine with all the racers and the zombies. There is an overflowing supply of food and everyone dined with stories to tell from the experience.

The feast after

on the buffet table

thankfully, human food were served!

As for us, we joined a group with four reserved seats. We didn't know that those were reserved for the zombie volunteer. I guess we can say that we dined in with the zombies!

we've dined with these guys
The results are out at check them out there. My record for this race:

I was so slow because of all the walking
160th placer. Not bad for an event with 900+ participant

It was really a fun event and it is one of those run that I will never forget. Maybe next time I get to be a zombie. They should have gotten all my life flags after all. I'll wait for the next Running Dead event!

*Photos courtesy of  Ramon Abasolo

Running Dead 2012

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