Monday, October 22, 2012

Dinner at Petra and Pilar

A month ago, a colleague from Belgium arrived here in Manila. I have worked with him personally in Istanbul and so, when he visited us, we were more than glad to welcome him. Our team took him out for dinner and decided to give him a taste of Filipino cuisine.

We brought him at Petra and Pilar located at Chino Roces in Makati. The place is owned by Katrina Ponce-Enrile and the place is named after her two grandmothers. The concept of this place is a fancy carienderia. You can order whichever dish you want at the counter and it will be served at your table. They have an array of food choices in display so you can choose whichever looks enticing.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dinner at Yakimix

To celebrate my brother's birthday, we had a family dinner at Yakimix at Hobbies of Asia in Pasay City. It was bit far and we expect less people so that there would be no waiting or reservation needed. True enough, when we got there, there are a lot of vacant tables and we didn't have any difficulty finding a place to sit.

Yakimix in Hobbies of Asia is located along Macapagal Blvd. It is a small place and the area is lined with restaurants where they accept paluto. I am not sure how to get there by public transport except if your ride a cab. It is near SM Mall of Asia but you really need a car to get there.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Backpacking Brunei: Touring Around the City

As we arrived in Brunei from Labuan Island, my friend's ASEAN summit friend Amiru fetched us at the port. He was with his brother but that was until we arrived. He left us afterwards and we were with Amiru our whole stay in Brunei touring around the city.

It was really convenient that we have someone to go around because in Brunei, there are less public transport since almost everyone owns a car. And I'm not blaming them since gas prices here are very cheap. Surprisingly, even if almost all people there owns a car, there is less traffic. Indeed a haven for car owners.

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