Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week-long Birthday Celebration

I celebrated my birthday last week but up until this week, we have been celebrating it. It's not that I don't want it but this is the first time I really enjoyed my birthday month. Thanks for all who were with me on my birth anniversary.

Thanks Central for the Birthday Boy Shot!
 I want to grab this opportunity to thank all those who attended my epic birthday bash which was held in Central BBQ Boy Muntinlupa (where the photos are not yet uploaded, sorry guys!).
Thanks to my High School classmates whom I never see often but were there even if I just invited them on short notice. I missed you so much and I am thankful that you guys were there to share those long time stories again and reunite once again.

To my super blocmates Tanja, Ruel, Abet and Marjun, thanks so much. We've been through a lot back in our LB days and I am glad that this time, we are together not for sleepless coding nights or long hours of evening exams. Special mention to Tanja and Ruel who was with me through all those emo days. Yes, I share with them everything and I am glad they never leave me even if I keep on repeating my mistakes. Thanks for the book! I'm reading it and I am liking it.

Black Forst Cake from Lunch Buddies at 31st

To my super cool Lunch Buddies! I just wish we were complete that day but hey, we can always go back to Pansol *wink*. You were super fun and super cool to hang out with. I hope to party with you guys more. Thanks for giving me a special celebration back on the 31st! Thanks for the cake and the Cosmo (sana FHM na lang :P just kidding! ). I appreciate the effort even if I already saw it coming. Special thanks to Joanna for the Banoffee Pie which was delivered specially to me. Thank so much guys!

Banoffee Pie from Joanna. Yum! ^__^

To my ex officemates who were there as always. Thanks for going there even if you came all the way from Ortigas. I miss the old days, it may never be that way like before but the memories will forever be cherished. Thanks!

Wish Ate Neys was here. thanks sises! =))

To my longest and oldest friends who were always there whenever, whatever. We've known each other from birth and I know that even if we don't see each other often, we will remain bff's for the rest of our lives (sorry! :P). I love you guys and thanks for assisting me that night when I was half drunk and half busy with all the guests.

Cake from Sugarhouse from SHI

My SHI family held a separate celebration for all the March celebrant and my birthday continues the following week. Thanks guys for the yummy cake and the lunch treat! No I know how the artistas feel when they celebrate a lot of birthdays (haha).

Lastly, to my family who were there to support my weirdness and stubbornness, thanks!



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