Saturday, March 26, 2011

Painting the Sky at the 2nd Philippine Pyromusical Competition

The 2nd Philipinne International Pyromusical Competition was held in MOA for a series of Saturdays starting February 12, 2011. It was my 3rd year watching fireworks from different countries compete. Although last year's event was a bit confusing since they first held it at Global City and then at MOA and I don't know which is the official competition, still, I didn't want to miss the chance to watch again this year.

Pyromusical Competition is a combination of music and fireworks wherein they are judged based on their synchronicity with the music and the different techniques they use. It is very different with the past Pyrolympics competition wherein they only showcase the fireworks and you can just watch them from afar. This however will require you to listen and watch as the beautiful lights color the night sky.

I invited my friends to watch with me on the last day of the competition. I thought that Philippines this time will compete since the ads says "Australia vs Philippines". I thought that finally, we get to showcase the best fireworks to other countries but we realized that Philippines, like in the past Pyromusical Competitions, will just show a special performance.

We were seated just behind the VIP section of the crowd and the view is just great. Restaurants facing the bay has promos for those who will dine in their place. You just need to order food and pay a small amount of fee to them and you can watch the fireworks in a very nice viewing area where the fireworks are just amazing. Luckily, Ate Neysa had reservations in A Veneto and we joined them just to watch. It just cost us P50 since there are a lot of us. By the way, tickets in the general viewing area cost P100. It was like we had a 50% discount!

For the past Saturdays, several countries had performed. Korea, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, China, France, Japan, Canada all performed the previous Saturdays starting February 12 while Australia gets to be last together with the Philippines this March 12.

Australia gets to perform first that night and their choice of music is great as well as the fireworks they used was amazing. The crowd was just filled with "oohh"'s and "ahhh"'s as everyone recorded the fireworks display. I cannot say though if their performance was good since I haven't watched the other countries but I am sure all the others are just as amazing as this one.

After Australia performed, the winners were announced and here are the results:

2nd Runner-Up: Japan - Tamaya Kitahara Fireworks, Co.
1st Runner-Up: United Kingdom  - Jubilee Fireworks
Champion: China  - Liuyang Jinsheng Fireworks, Co.

It was now time for the Philippnes (Platinum Fireworks) to showcase their fireworks display after the announcement of winners and I can say it was the best performance (combined with my previous years of watching the competition) I have ever seen. They were just spectacular and amazing.

They begun their show with a surprising display of fireworks on the audience area. Everyone anticipated that they will just use the barge at the waters but they used the audience area as well as the breakwater side. Also the music they used was the modern ones and popular among their audiences so you can hear the crowd sing along with the music and be amazed by the synchronized fireworks that goes along with the music. They played the hits I love the way you lie, Just the Way you are and Fireworks which really brought the crowd wild.

It was really fun watching Philippines performance and I hope that I could watch them again next year.

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope to see you all again next year's Pyromusical Competition.

** I'll try to upload the video as soon as I get them. Watch out for updates

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