Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sugarfree Paalam Pilipinas Farewell Concert

Before I go on telling you about my Camsur trip last weekend, I need to post this first to lessen my backlogs. This event was held last Tuesday, March 1, 2011. It was the last time Sugarfree sang to all of its fans before they part ways.

Here I am again, watching Sugarfree for the last time. This time, this is really their last concert together so I won't miss that. I am with my blocmates whom I am with the first time I watched their Farewell Concert Tour at Saguijo and with my High School friend, Kat whom I am with when they are at 19 East. It was held at Eastwood Central Plaza and it is for free for all Sugarfree fans and for everyone who wants to see them for the last time.

The crowd before it starts
The show is starting

We were there an hour early before they promised they will start. There were just few people near the stage area but we decided to find a strategic location outside in fear of suffocation (traumatized by our Saguijo experience >_<). We didn't expect it to be a rainy night and since we cannot find another area to watch them without getting wet, we stayed there with our jackets and umbrellas despite the pouring rain.

We were waiting for the longest time and was getting tired of hearing Hay Buhay and watching their Farewell Concert teaser on the screen. We wanted them to start the program already because it was starting to drizzle and we are getting tired standing there at our location.

The program started an hour late and so thus the heavy rain. But even though the rain didn't stop from drenching us, we continued to sing, laugh, and shout our hearts out with Ebe, Jal and Kaka with Mitch, Bodgie and all the people who made Sugarfree. This is their last performance together and even if I am not that big of a fan, I was still sad but glad at the same time that I get to share their last act together.

Tanja and I under the rain

The rain didn't stop as they play their super long playlist. We sang with them to their old and not so old singles. Prom, Kandila, Fade Away, Kwarto, Hay Buhay, Unang Araw, Dear Kuya, Mariposa, Makita Kang Muli, Hari ng Sablay, Taguan, Telepono, Kung Ayaw Mo na Sa Akin, Hang Over to name some and just like in 19 East, they ended the night with Tulog Na and Burnout.

It was bitin but it was time for them to finish their last concert. It was kind of sad but I am sure we will still hear their old sons once in a while. It will be a classic and the future generations will just see them in the videos that was uploaded.


The rain was still pouring hard and we need to go home since there is still work the next day. We went to look for a cab. Ruel hailed one for us and we all said goodbye to them.

The next day, Tanja said that they had a picture with Kaka and Jal right after we left the waiting shed. I was so inggit and cursed the rain for making me all wet and cold that I wanted to go home in an instant that night. If I only waited for a while, I could have joined them and had picture with them. But I get to grab their pictures that night to remind me of what I missed.
From Tanja. Them with Jal

From Tanja again, them with Kaka. Im so inggit >_<

I will surely miss Sugarfree for their music and words could tell my life experience. I will never forget how your song made me smile when everything was upside down. It was their songs that made me realize that I am not the only one who experience the things I had been through and through your song I can relate.

O kay tagal din kitang mamahalin... - Burnout

It was a wet, tiring, sad and fail but fun fun night all at the same time. I am happy to be part of Sugarfree's Paalam Pilipinas Farewell Concert. Goodbye Sugarfree! Your music will forever live in our hearts :).

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