Thursday, December 8, 2011

Food Trippin' Boracay: Quency Cakes and Pastries

The reason for our Boracay trip was to celebrate my friend's birthday there at the island. And so, on the day of her birthday, we decided to have a surprise treat for her and we decided to buy it at Quency Cakes and Pastries in D'Mall.

We have been planning on the surprise for a while that is why when we saw their shop at the D'Mall de Boracay, we had a mental note to go there and buy her a surprise. The store is located near the Crazy Crepes and it is just small. They have a small ref where the cakes are displayed. You get to choose which one you like there. They have different sizes and designs there. We originally intent to buy a nice beach design but unfortunately, there was none on stock. And so, we opted for a chocolate cake. They have different sizes for this. The big one is around PHP500 and the medium round one is at PHP320. We chose the latter. It was fit for us all.

Their fridge full of cakes

They offer free writing on the cake and a candle once they knew the purpose of it. They wrap it in a nice box that can easily be carried around. We had no difficulty bringing it to the restaurant where we'll have our lunch with the celebrant.

Round Chocolate Cake (PHP320)

As we pulled the surprise, everyone at the restaurant sang with us even if we didn't know them. My friend blew the candle on the cake and we all shared a slice as we finished our lunch. The cake was moist inside and it was really yummy and good. The chocolate is just right and not very sweet. I liked it and it is best for dessert. We are glad that we had this flavor because we really liked it.

Happy Birthday Pat!

Overall, the cakes here at Quency is good, yummy and affordable. The round Chocolate cake was around PHP320 and it comes with a free candle and writeup for occasions. The carry box was also nice. If ever you too are celebrating an event in Boracay, cone to D'Mall and look for the small cake shop and buy here your surprise treat. I am sure you will like it.

Quency Cakes and Pastries
D'Mall de Boracay,
Boracay Island


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