Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food Trippin' Tuguegarao: Kainang Pilipino

Before we headed back to Manila and endure another 12 hour bus ride, we decided to have a late lunch at Tuguegarao right after our Callao Caving adventure. We decided to eat near Victory Liner Terminal so that we can relax for a bit before the long ride home.

Since it was past lunch time already, all the other restaurants nearby has no food in their kitchen and so we decided to try our luck on Kainang Pilipino which was just closing at that time because their buffet lunch was just over. Good thing the owner said we can still avail the buffet lunch so she commanded the crew to take out all the food again for us.

The place was big and is good for private functions. They have separate rooms if ever you want to hold your events there. We just stayed at the main hall where the buffet table was. The place is very nice and comfortable to stay with. The owner was also very nice to us. She is very friendly and was asking us where we are going. They hasten the food since they noticed we're very hungry at that time. We just spent the time to freshen up from our adventure that morning.

The buffet table

As the food was back on the buffet table, we got there and had some food on our plates. The food was very good. It was yummy and very tasty. I am not sure of the stuff I placed in my plate but each was very good. Aside from the buffet, we also ordered some drinks and it cost an extra but it was okay since the food here was really good. I cannot describe each dish they served but everything was good to our taste. I liked the Java rice and the vegetable dish they have. They even have the atsara which is also good. The buffet was not complete without dessert and they serve the classic pinoy desserts which is equally yummy as the dishes.


deep fried fish

Java Rice

Mushroom Soup

My Plate

Mango Juice

Plate round 2

Buco Pandan


I am not sure of how the individual meals they have tasted but I am sure they too are yummy. It was just that we're into buffet that day. However, if you want to try out their other dishes, I heard that they serve yummy Crispy Pata there, go to their place. It is very noticeable just near the Victory Liner Terminal. The buffet lunch was around PHP290 which is very cheap plus an additional PHP100 or so for the drinks we had

Over all, I liked the place and is a recommended place if ever you go to Tuguegarao. Try them out:

Kainang Pilipino
Maharlika Hwy,
Tuguegarao Philippines

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