Thursday, December 29, 2011

Singing Out Loud at Center Stage

Our Saturday Night out wasn't complete without our all time favorite videoke night. We always loved to sing out whenever we're together and so, after watching the Symphony of Lights at Ayala Triangle Gardens, we headed to Jupiter Street in Makati to have some fun at Center Stage.

Located at Jupiter Place in Jupiter Street in Makati, at the 5th level of the building, this family KTV offers a nice place to belt all those songs you always wanted to sing. As you reach its level, comfortable seating awaits guests while you talk to the front desk and arrange a room for your group.

At the front desk, you chose which package you want and while you wait for the room to be available, you can chill at the sofas and check out some of the videos they have of different songs available.

Main lobby where guests wait

As the room is ready, you are called there and as we enter the room good for us six people, it was nice and clean. The chairs are fit for us and they have a large TV with a neat sound system besides it. Unlike other KTVs, they don't have any song book, meaning, you need to manually scan through the list of songs and artists. It was quite difficult at first but since they have a collection of new songs, it wasn't that difficult to think of something to queue. Another nice thing here is that they provide some cover for the microphone. It ensures us that what we use are clean.

As soon as we settled and loaded some song, we ordered food from the package. They serve food and drinks there for everyone's enjoyment. The booze are quite expensive there and we limited it since it costs double from the bars outside. The food was good though. It was filling and tasty. It was part of the package we had and the food was enough for all of us.


onion rings, cheese sticks and barbecue

the staff there were nice because they always assisted us whenever we need something like when the music suddenly didn't display any lyrics and when we needed the menu to have an extra order. They were always quick to arrive whenever we call for them and it is very friendly of them.

It was a night of fun and music. We enjoyed the company of each other and the good music and food and drinks we had. We seldom do this but each time we go out, it is a lot of fun. Thanks to Center Stage for having a nice venue for friends to hang out. It is sure nice and neat there and the food was good. You can also have a lot of people book here since they offer different kinds of room for different events. Do check them out whenever you need a place to sing and have a good night.

Center Stage Family KTV & Resto Bar
Jupiter Place Bldg. 136-138 Jupiter Street,
Bel-Air Makati City.
Open daily:
3:00PM to 4:00AM (Mon-Wed),
3:00PM to 5:00AM (Thur-Sat),
5:00PM to 2:00AM (Sun)

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