Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dinner out at Razon's of Guagua

After watching Avengers courtesy of our Smart Timeout, we waited for some office mates and after that, we had our dinner at Razon's of Guagua.

The store is located at the outer area of the mall near the department store. I am not really sure where exactly but you can ask the guards around and I am sure they will tell you where you can find it. They serve Kapampangan dishes and this place is famed for its yummy halo-halo.

Food Trippin' Soderno at Molito

We have nothing to do on a Saturday night that is why my friend and I went to Alabang Town Center and decided to go to Soderno in Molito, which is just beside the mall, to experience the nice food they offer there.

Soderno is a day and night market that is located at Molito in Alabang. It is opened every weekend for your shopping and dining pleasures. They have a variety of shops that have different stalls. During Sundays, they open a Sunday Market and on Friday and Saturday night, it is a food haven for all the foodies out there. There are a lot of food to choose from in there, plus, a live band plays as you dine in with friends.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trippin' Baguio: Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

We got to Baguio after a long 6 hours of bus ride from Sagada and we are all hungry since our last meal was our heavy breakfast at Salt & Pepper. Near the bus terminal where we got off is a restaurant packed with people. We decided to have our dinner there at Good Taste.

Located at No. 8 Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City, the place is noticeable with a large signage at the front entrance. It is located near Baguio Central Mall. The place is a two storey establishment that serves a nice fusion of Filipino and Chinese dishes.

Food Trippin' Sagada: Salt & Pepper Diner

After our Kiltepan Sunrise viewing and our return to Echo Valley for Denise, we went around town to shop. Since we knew the schedule of the buses leaving the town, we decided to have a heavy breakfast. Most of the places there are still closed so we decided to eat at Salt & Pepper Diner since the place was already open and is near our inn.

The place is located at the town area besides SaGGas office at the second floor of a building with stores at the ground level. There is a big signage you will surely not miss and it will lead you to the stairs up to the restaurant.

Frozen Mochi at Mochiko

When we were on our way to Molito, we passed by a small store in Casa Susana Building located just infront of the Molito Complex. I have never took notice of the place until then, when I saw the sign on a small shop of Mochiko.

Mochiko is popular for their yummy balls of frozen mochi dessert that has a lot of flavors to choose from. They are usually found in small stalls selling these frozen treats in small pouches. They have a lot branches now in different parts of the metro so you can enjoy them wherever you are.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Milk Tea Hunt: Gong Cha

I was planning to get a taste of this Milk Tea place ever since it opened at the Food Choices of Glorietta. Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I seldom go to malls. Just recently, I was back to my normal schedule in the office, and since it was scorching hot in Manila lately, I decided to have a taste of Gong Cha to beat the heat.

The place is easy to find. It is located just beside World Chicken on the escalator side going to the cinema area. You will easily recognize it with its red signage and those foreign characters in the logo. Also, there is always a long queue in the small place and you need to queue up to get your order.

Backpacking Sagada: Kitelpan Sunrise

Early morning on our last day in Sagada and on my birthday, we woke up at around 5am to catch the sunrise. The previous day, we asked the tour guides in Sagada to arrange a van for us to take us at Kiltepan. They agreed and we paid PHP750 for the van rental. That is they fetch us and get us back in town.

The morning was very cold and it is quite creepy walking in town that early. There are stray dogs around and they get to anyone who walks in town. It is deserted since most of the people there doesn't go out until around 6 in the morning. We were alone waiting at the town hall, cold in the morning air. We were waiting for the van to fetch us up.

Food Trippin' Sagada: Yoghurt House

After our whole day of adventure from spelunking to trekking and watching the sunset, we were dead tired and hungry that we immediately looked for food after we got back to town. Since we wanted to try Yoghurt House since early morning, we gave ourselves the treat we so much deserve.

As we got back to town, we immediately proceed at the famous Yoghurt House. Everyone who went in Sagada had something to brag about this place and so, here I am, doing what I need to do.
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