Saturday, May 19, 2012

Food Trippin' Baguio: Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant

We got to Baguio after a long 6 hours of bus ride from Sagada and we are all hungry since our last meal was our heavy breakfast at Salt & Pepper. Near the bus terminal where we got off is a restaurant packed with people. We decided to have our dinner there at Good Taste.

Located at No. 8 Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City, the place is noticeable with a large signage at the front entrance. It is located near Baguio Central Mall. The place is a two storey establishment that serves a nice fusion of Filipino and Chinese dishes.

As you enter, you'll be surprised that it is really big inside. There are a lot of tables available and it is almost full at that time. At the main entrance, a lot of guests are waiting for their take outs while at the dining area, people are eating or waiting for food to be served.

guests dining in at the restaurant

As we got into our seats, they presented us with their menu. All looks good and we are a bit unsure on what to order. Most of the dishes there are Chinese dishes and it is very tempting to order their dim sum. In the end, we got their Buttered Chicken and Chopsuey plus Good Taste Fried Rice.

Good Taste Fried Rice (PHP105)

The serving was big enough for a small group. The Good Taste Fried Rice was really good and has a lot of vegetables and meat with it. It tasted good and is enough for the hungry three of us.

Buttered Chicken (half PHP155; whole PHP310)

The Buttered Chicken looked like buffalo wings. It seems hot and spicy at first since it was colored deep red, however, upon tasting, it wasn't spicy but was very delicious. The sauce coating of the deep fired chicken blends well with the meat. It was really yummy and you will surely want more.

Chopsuey (PHP115)

The Chopsuey is also a winner. The serving is full of yummy vegetables and some meat and mushrooms. The veggies are very fresh and cooked well as they are still crunch as you bite into it. The thick sauce is very flavorful and the dish is very good all by itself. It is one good dish.

As for the price, it is very affordable. The dishes are very yummy and the price is very reasonable and affordable. The place is good too and clean, it can be very crowded in meal hours but you can still manage to get a place since it is big. A plus is that they are open 24 hours so you don't need to worry on their closing time. Food is good and cheap and service is good. It is good enough for me to recommend. :)

Good Taste
No. 8 Lapu Lapu St., Baguio City Philippines

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