Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mid Summer Night's Fairy

Behold! 'Tis but a fair wood sprite perched upon a mossy branch in the misty gloaming of a midsummer's eve! From her periwinkle crown to her sweeping purple satin hem to the iridescent span of her swallow-tailed wings. she's scarce bigger than a lightening bug. But lest she fool you by her tiny size, remember well her magical powers. Save the stitching of her enchanted glowing wand for last, then watch as she cast her mystical spell over all who pass close by.

As a child (and up until now) I believe in fairies. I am amazed that at their tiny size, they can enchant anyone they like. I like to believe in the magic they have. They are also pretty, I think, even though I haven't seen one (if they exist). But I know the child in me believes in them and would want to have a wish to be granted by them just like in fairy tales.

I just finished a masterpiece which I started at the start of the year (or was it last year?" can't really remember). It was a big cross-stitch titled Mid Summer Night's Fairy.

I started this when I was in high school but when I counted the cloth, the entire pattern wouldn't fit. It looked like the lady from the stitch shop miscounted it upon giving it to me. After years I decided to re-stitch it. I bought another cloth, this time I made sure it will fit the pattern and just to make sure, I added extra so that it would really fit.

Here is my masterpiece:

This was really difficult, it has metallic threads and beads on it. Lots of it. It took me a long time to figure out how to stitch it on the cloth. I guess it was meant that I finish it now rather than back on those years when I don't really have much patience.

Anyway, it was very very pretty and I wanted it to be framed so I could hang it already. Now, I have a fairy for myself. It will be a constant reminder of the child within me.


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