Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas Presents

When I was a kid, I remembered getting ready for the gift giving on Christmas day with a large plastic bag on hand and as it finished, this plastic bag is nearly impossible to carry for a little child. I also remembered that as me and my cousins get older each year, this bags weighs more and more light. We got used to this since we had our chance when we were younger. We just got a little upset but that was alright since there are still gift for us.

Today, we all have our own jobs and there are already younger generations after us. We were the ones whose giving gifts to our aunts and uncles and to the younger cousins. We don't really expect gifts and are thankful if we ever receive one. Our large plastic bags are now gone and we could already carry them with our hands. Yes, that is the reality. Gift giving is only for the little ones and you would only have a lot of presents if you are a manager in your company (haha!). And so, this Christmas, these are the special presents I received from people who I care for.
From Sir Lester, I love it because of all the camera stuff written on it. ^_^

From Mildred

From Ate Nerisse

From Yen

From Princess

From Jacq

From Millet

From Pat

From Kuya
From Joyce

From Tita Fanny and Family

From Joma

From Tito Rey and Family

From Tita Ina and Family
 To everyone, thank you very very much! Merry Christmas! :)


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