Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am Visible!

After about half a month of blogging, I can finally search this blog in Google! woot!

I know, I know, the image is again too small. I need to solve the layout problem when I'm doing nothing (I hope I am really doing nothing everyday.. sigh). Anyway, try searching it on Google yourself. Type in the keywords "Roamaholic" or "Roam-a-holic" and press enter. You can see my blog at the 1st page of the results.

If only that armaholic thing would not be confused with my blog. Anyway, I'm still happy that it is already visible (*dances* ^__^) even though it is not in the the top spot (and is confused with another term.. grrr)!  I waited for this from the very first day I started this blog! Now, I will post and post until I'm the number 1 result when you search it! Thanks to all who viewed and please keep on supporting my blog so that we can make it number 1. =)

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