Monday, December 27, 2010

Make a Wish at Pink Sisters

I woke up early a while ago because my mom will go to Tagaytay. I requested that I would come with them and go to Pink Sisters Convent. It is located at the road along Olivarez Plaza. You will find a sign saying "Angels' Hills" and you should turn right there. At the end of the road is a small chapel where visitors could pray and also, you could see the pink sisters (the nuns dressed in pink) there praying near the altar.

It was the second time I went there but my mom was a regular. She was the one who taught me to pray there and ask for a special intention. There in the small corner of the chapel is a small booth wherein you could write down your request in a small piece of paper and place it in an envelope. You will then drop it in a small box and the nuns would gather it there. They will then read and pray for all those special intentions.

The first time I went there I prayed that I could finish my thesis and graduate on time. I thanked God that He let me pass my defense and I was able to march with my classmates on graduation. I had another wish and that too was granted to me. I was very happy that I wanted to go back there and thank them but there were no opportunity and I don't know how to go there by myself.

After almost 3 years, I finally got back. I also prayed for a special intention this time. It is the same request I prayed for the last time I went here. I know that the pink sisters would pray with me for this. I hope that everything will turn out okay like the last time I prayed for this special request.

Here is an image of the place:

Pink Sisters Convent
As you can see, it is a camera phone picture. It is because of my stupidity. I brought along with me my D40x but as I was about to take a shot, I noticed that there is no battery! I forgot that I charged it and wasn't able to return it before I left home (face palm! >.<). maybe next time I'll take pictures of this place because it is really nice there.

As for the request... I will not tell here. It's very personal and I hope you understand if I keep it between me and God and the nuns at the Pink Sisters Convent.

Next time you're in Tagaytay, drop by Pink Sisters Convent. Pray and make a wish. the nuns would surely pray with you and your wish will be granted. :)


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