Thursday, December 23, 2010

Love at its Purest Form

I read a story about Sabrina Parker, a young girl who is very very sick but was able to experience love the way every girl should have.

The first time I saw it on Yahoo! news, I wasn't able to see the link because of blocked sites at the office. However, the next day, I saw another one saying she already passed away. I would have ignored it because the link is once again blocked but something in me felt intrigued on the picture on Yahoo! News, so I Googled her name and fortunately enough I have found a site which tells her story and I am much more surprised that what I have found is her whole story. Her Love story.

Sabrina Parker as just a simple teen just like other however, she soon found out that she have the sane disease that mother and grandmother had died of. The disease is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) which is a form of motor neuron disease. It has to do with the degeneration of neurons that control voluntary muscles.

At that same time in her life, a young man, Matt, asked her out. Soon they became couples but she hide from him her true condition. As the symptoms progressed, she became weaker and not long, her friends decided to tell Matt the truth. Instead of walking away from her, Matt decided that Sabrina needs her more at that time and so he made a choice, to be with her no matter what.

Days and months passed but Sabrina still isn't getting any better. Her friends and family helped her through every important part of her teen years. They even created their own prom for her and crowned her and Matt king and queen.
Since she is still a minor (she's 16 at that time), Matt cannot marry her even if he really wanted to. His parents decided to have a friendship ceremony instead so that Sabrina could feel how to be in a wedding, Matt loved the idea.
They had the ceremony and Matt vowed to cherish her no matter what. He was deeply and madly inlove with her. They didn't even care about how serious Sarina's condition is and anytime maybe her last time on earth. They planned for their future, them together forever.
Not long, she was taken by the Lord and left the world and all her loved ones. Matt had loved him until the very last moment as he held her close.

It was a very touching story and it proves that pure and true love still exist. I only see stories like this in books and movies and reading, knowing that this actually happened in another part of the world makes me believe that true love really does exist.  I think that God wanted her to feel the love every girl should experience before He finally took her. It touched me and I trust God that he also has a nice story, my love story, that he had written for me, which is better than any other stories there is.

I'll be posting the link to the site here if anyone is interested in reading the whole story.

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