Monday, December 20, 2010

Sta. Rosa - Tagaytay Roadtrippin'

Together with my high school friends, we planned to celebrate Katrina's passing of the board exam. We planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom to have a little fun since we haven't been there since our high school days. Here is what happened:

Meeting place was at Shakey's Pacita (our usual meet up since our CSA days) at 10am. I was still at home preparing to go at that time. Why? because my high school barkada usually go there an hour after our scheduled time. A habit most of us call Filipino Time but for me, it is really how they do things. I got used to it since back in the days, I was always on time and they weren't.

At 11:30am, we are still waiting at Pacita for Mhe Anne. Yes, she is very very late and we are very very hungry.

At around 12pm, we are complete and off we went to Paseo de Sta. Rosa for lunch. Initially, we went for Kanin Club but the queue was a bit long so we looked for another place. TOSH was a good place but they were booked at 2pm and didn't want to serve us anymore so we went to the restaurant next to them, Grilla but they were already reserved and would be open for other customers at 2pm (I think this started the FAIL encounters we had for the day). We decided to go back to Kanin Club and this time we got seated.

At Kanin Club Paseo de Sta. Rosa

At 1pm, we are at Kanin Club ordering our food. We are already getting bored as we waited for the food. Finally, it arrived and we finally got to eat.

At 2pm, we finished eating and ordered dessert. It was much worse than earlier, we wanted to cancel it but there are no waiters available >.< . We just waited.

At 2:30, we are waiting for our bill (we asked for it at the same time we ordered the dessert! they are painfully slow pft! >.<). after a white it arrived (finally!).

At 2:45, we went to Enchanted Kingdom and after parking at the far side of the theme park and walking on mud, it rained and the queue of people in line is super super long! We decided to do plan B, road trippin' at Tagaytay. We decided this because since the queue outside was so long and we predicted that it would be the same situation inside and there is no Space Shuttle because of the rain :( .

Pics before going to Tagaytay

Off we went to Tagaytay at around past 3pm.We decided to go to Calaruega.

Photo Ops!

At 5:30 we got there and we went to the Church on the Hill (we thought it was it but we were wrong). We went further in and found the chapel. We wanted to go around but it was already closed (FAIL again >.<). We learned that they close at 5:30 pm.
Bag of Beans

At around 6pm, we got back to Tagaytay. We decided to have dinner at Bag of Beans (now that I thought of it, we just ate all day). We had a great dinner there and decided to go back to Enchanted Kingdom for the fireworks display.

At 9pm, we are already back at Paseo de Sta. Rosa to grab some coffee. We stayed there for a while before going to EK.

EK at night

We got back at EK at 10pm and we almost missed the fireworks because we cant decide where to park (FAIL!). Fortunately, we are still able to view some and grabbed some pictures of it.

We decided to go home at around 10:30 (at last!).

Yes, it was a FAILED trip but nonetheless it was fun! We bonded again after some time and got to catch up with each other. I hope we do it more often now that most of us are already working and is available anytime. I really missed this guys and I am looking forward for another fun (even if it is a major FAIL) trip!

* Will post details on the places we ate on next blog entries.

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