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Wake Boarding at CWC

This is a very late post since I wasn't able to get photos at this time and had to get it to my friend who took the pictures for us.

When we were at Camarines Sur at CWC, we had experienced a rare opportunity to try on wake boarding. Wake boarding is a water sports that uses a board on the surface of water while hanging on a rope and being pulled to the waters. It is like skate boarding on water.It looks simple and easy as you look at the people doing it but truth is, it is very difficult.

The Pro's Wake Boarding Area
 We arrived at Camarines Sur Watersports Complex or CWC at around late in the morning. The complex was big and it has a lot of facilities. There are several cottages for people who wants to stay there overnight and also there are a lot of activities like the Wake Boarding area. There is also this area where there are a lot of inflatables but I didn't get to see it since we stayed at the Wake Boarding area only.

Rates for the Complex
We immediately registered for an hour of Wake Boarding experience. We paid P160 for an hour of wake boarding. A P500 rental fee for the gears is needed as deposit, however, it can be refunded when you return it to them. We were told that we were on queue but it would be around 1 in the afternoon since they will be having their break at 12 noon. It was okay for us and an opportunity to grab something to eat while waiting.

CWC Clubhouse Menu
 We opted to eat at a small food stall near the Wake Boarding area. The CWC Clubhouse has an array of meals to choose from. They serve the usual fast food meals like burgers, cheese steaks, pizzas, etc. They also serve rice meals for those who wanted a heavier meal. Their kitchen is a bit small and is located at a small stall on the side. The guests could choose to seat on the area overlooking those wake boarders near the water. The price is not that cheap, like the meals you can buy at Manila. I think because they target guests here from Manila and other places in the world that is why it was priced this way. Their menu is quite cool, it was shaped like a wake board and all the dishes that you can order are listed down here.

We ordered CWC Signature Burger (Single and Double), 360 Clubhouse Sandwich, Laing Pesto Pasta, Grilled Tanigue Meal, Grilled Liempo Meal and Japanese Fried Chicken Meal.

360 Clubhouse Sandwich (P165)

CWC Signature Burger - Single (P160)

Japanese Fried Chicken Meal (P160)

Grilled Liempo Meal (P165)

Laing Pesto Pasta

Grilled Tanigue Meal (P170)

The food was over all okay, not that special but filling. It is okay for those who just want to chill at this place and watch the awesome wake boarders do their tricks on water.

After a while, we were called and we claimed our helmets and life vest at the front counter. We were also given wrist bands to indicate our time there. After fitting into the right gears, we went to the beginners area where we can practice wake boarding for an hour.

Beginner's Area
 The beginners area is quite far from the main wake boarding area. It is located at the farthest side of the place. The area here is just a straight course unlike on the pro's area where it is rounded. As we got there, there is only one person wake boarding. it was okay to join him since he was there for a while now. The guides there will teach you the proper technique to survive the experience.

Unfortunately for me, I was really confused with what they say because they say different things every time it was my time to go. And my mind couldn't make up what to do when all of a sudden, the rope will pull you in the water. In effect, I get to let go of the rope and fall on the waters.

When you fail, you get smashed to the waters

yet another failed attempt
 Those who are lucky enough to have been on top of the water (even for a while):

Some of us get to go to the other side but most couldn't. Maybe all of us are confused of what the guides there are telling us. They are sometimes screaming at us if we do what they don't tell us. It is just irritating that I can't decide what technique would best suite me there. My personal record was half of the area. I didn't get to the other side. But it doesn't matter, I think Wake boarding is not for me. I am just glad that I have tried it.

After our time was up, we went back to the main area to surrender our stuff. We asked them if we could use the pool. it was part of what we paid for so, we showered and dived in. It was refreshing here after the hundred times we fell to the water on wake boarding. The pool water relaxes our sore muscles and we had fun diving and taking pictures here.

Pool Area
 Soon, it was time to leave because we need to get back to Manila. It was another 8 hours drive but it was okay since we enjoyed our Wake Boarding experience in CWC.

Camsur Watersports Complex
Provincial Capitol Complex
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: (054) 4773344 / (054) 4773349
Fax Number: +63(54) 477-5162

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