Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lunch Out Series: I Love Backyard BBQ and Bento Box

I have eaten in I Love Backyard BBQ quite a number of times already but I failed to blog it. This time, since I got the time, I will include it in my lunch out series part of my blog.

I Love Backyard BBQ and Bento Box is a restaurant in Salcedo Village in Makati. They share space and you can order in either of the two menus they have. I Love Backyard BBQ serves steak and sizzling dishes while Bento Box serves Japanese dishes.

Their place is just small and but can fit limited number of large group. It is usually full during lunch time since most of the people go there to eat. The crew and staff accommodates you well when you go there.

Since most of my cravings there are for grilled or sizzling dishes, I usually go for I love Backyard BBQ's menu. They have a variety to choose from but the dish I like most is the Honey Mustard Ribs. They also have grilled chicken which I also tasted on my earlier visits. That day, they ordered Shredded Pork Strips which looks like corned beef only not red in color. Most of the sizzling dishes they have are served with egg and plenty of rice on a sizzling plate. It is really appetizing seeing and smelling it.

Honey Mustard Ribs
Shredded Pork
Grilled Chicken

Bento Box on the other hand offers Japanese and Japanese-American fusion dishes. I haven't tried ordering here yet but maybe another time i'll it out. Anyway, here is a sample of a dish one of us ordered. It is Jap-Am Mongolian Vegetable Bowl. It looks yummy since it has a lot of veggies and rice in one bowl. They also have bento meals which has rice, dish, salad, soup and sushi. I think it will fill your tummy in that one meal.

Jap-Am Mongolian Vegetable Bowl
Overall, this place is a must try, not necessarily recommended but if you are looking for something grilled and served hot from a hot plate, or if you want some Japanese food to go with it, this is the right place to find both. Just try and see if you too will like the dishes they have to offer.


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