Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Food at Dairy Queen

After our dinner at Go Greek!, we asked Kat if she could treat us with dessert and after several negotiations, we decided to buy ice cream at Dairy Queen, our happy food!

We went to Dairy Queen at the Glorietta 4 Cinema area. It was the only thing we could think of that is opened that time since it was already late. The place is just small and at the counter, you can see their whole kitchen where they prepare the cold delights for the waiting guests. It was expected to be small since it was on the cinemas and they expect people to take out the sweet treats as they go watch. There are only few tables for guests who wanted to dine there.

I ordered their classic Dipped Cone ice cream which is an ice cream dipped in chocolate and dried to harden. I liked this since I like biting into the hardened chocolate and taste the creamy vanilla ice cream inside. It is a real treat for me.

Dipped Cone
On the other hand, they ordered the Blizzard which is an ice cream served upside down. They have this promotion that if it fell when they served it, it is for free. Surely, no one had ever got a free Blizzard since the ice cream is hard and clings on the cup. It was nice and challenging though. They ordered the Chocolate Almond and Mango Cheesecake flavors.

Blizzard Chocolate Almond

Blizzard mango Cheesecake

Another one is the Dilly Bar which is an Ice cream sandwich on stick. The ice cream is sandwiched in cookie and sipped in chocolate. The one we had was their Easter special that is why it is shaped like an Easter egg.

Easter Egg Dilly Bar
 It was yummy treat for us and with our happy food, it can never go wrong and we will surely have a sweet night as we all called it a night!

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