Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lunch Out Series: Amici and Caramia

It was once again Friday and this time, we were only three to dine out for lunch. We initially wanted some place near but ended up at Ayala Triangle Gardens to eat at Amici and have dessert at Caramia.

It wasn't my first time eating here as we had Sir Lester's birthday celebration lunch here a month ago, however, one of us haven't tried it yet here and since the food here is okay, we decided to eat here again.

We were wait listed since it was lunch hour and a lot of people were there. Even if we came there quite late, there are still a lot of people in the queue. We waited for several minutes before finally being seated.

Amici's interior was big since it occupies two stalls here. They are connected to Caramia and the dining area there was combined with them. They also have seats outside for those who like to enjoy the view of the park outside. The interior is all Italian inspired all the crew are dressed in a uniform long sleeve with tie and apron suite. You can see at the far corner their kitchen and how they prepare the pizza that they serve.

The crew were courteous and attend to us in all our requests. It was just that our table didn't have any condements and we needed to ask them as we were eating for those and it all came a bit late.

We ordered a lot of food. And it was really big enough for 4-5 persons but still we managed to somehow finish it. We had Amici Polpette, Salsicce Italiana, Capriccosa, Spahgetti ala Carbonara and Penne Al Salmon Affumicato.

Salsicce Italiana (P180)
 We started it off with the Antipasti. Originally, we just ordered the Salsicce Italliana which is Italian sausages prepared using a traditional homemade recipe and served with marinated vegetables but Daniel ordered the Amici Polpette because he thought that it wasn't enough for us all. The sausages was good and the veggies on the side was a bit sour. We though that everything was drenched in vinegar but only the veggies was like that. Maybe that is their marinade for it.

Amici Polpette (P180)
The Amici Polpette was made of sumptuous homemade Italian meatballs braised in promodo sauce. The serving has three meatballs and it is quite pricey for me since i find nothing special about how it was made. The taste is just normal and nothing amazing about it.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara (P198)
We had Spaghetti alla Carbonara which has a creamy white sauce with Parmesan cheese and bacon bits. Jacq loved this dish and so we ordered it again. I also liked this dish ever since I first get to eat at Amici at their Mega Atrium branch but since I am exploring other flavors, I opt to taste other dishes in the menu. The sauce was just creamy and the bacon bits complements it well. It also goes well with the tasted bread on the side since it balances the creaminess of the sauce.

Penne Al Salmon Affumicato (P264)
Another additional dish Daniel ordeerd is the Penne Al Salmon Affumicato which is penne pasta tossed in creamy sauce with salmon bits. It is quite new to me but I discovered that I tasted it previously after checking my old blog. The pasta was just right and perfectly coated with the sauce and the salmon goes well with this. I liked it but I wouldn't finish a plate since the serving is big. I just like eating the pieces of salmon after a while.

Capricciosa (P295)
We also had pizza to top all that. We had Capricciosa which contains Italian sausage and black olives. It was also good since the crust is crispy and freshly baked from their oven which is powered by fire woods. You can taste the smokey flavor ion every bite because of this method of cooking. It was good but nothing special about it.

After we ate and pay our bills, we decided to have dessert from Caramia. Yes, it was if the dishes we had wasn't filling enough. We ordered Blueberry Supreme Gelato, Pistachio Gelato and Nocciola (Hazelnut)Gelato all served in a waffle cone.

Nocciola Gelato

Blueberry Supreme Gelato

Pistachio Gelato

The Blueberry Supreme was good. it has bits of blueberries on it. I just couldn't get the flavor of the berry in every bite but it was still good enough for me. The Pistachio was also good and the Nicciola which has the right amount of sweetness. It wasn't that sweet and we get to finish it all even after the feast we had earlier.

All in all, Amici and Caramia is a good place to dine if you want to have an Italian gastronomic adventure. However not all the dishes here are that to brag about but they are all good. Staff and their service is also good but spare them if you go there during peak hours. Everything is clean and the place is comfortable. This is a recommended place if you would like to have Italian food or a yummy Gelato but spare some cash because it is quite pricey in this place.

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