Sunday, April 17, 2011

Smart Fun Familia at Enchanted Kingdom

We were invited by our Smart friends to join their annual Fun Familia held at Enchanted Kingdom. As one of their benefits as a Smart employee, they are encouraged to join this event together with family members or friends. Since most of our friends in Smart chose EK for this event, they gave us free tickets so we can have fun with them.

Free tickets are given to employees plus 2 free ones together with P300 worth of Wizard Money. If you want to bring a bigger crowd, tickets are sold at discounted price (P350).
Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna near the South Luzon Expressway Exit. It has been established on 1995 and since then, many of the young (and old) pinoys have enjoyed this magical place.

at the grand carousel

The park is divided into different areas and each has a different theme. The Victoria Park is the first part you'll walk through upon entering. The main attraction here is the Grand Carousel. If you go to the right, you will enter Boulderville which is mainly for kids. Here you can see all the rides for toddlers. Most of the adults cannot ride here unless they are accompanying a child.

On board Anchors Away

At the right side of Boulderville is the Midawy Boardwalk where the bump cars and roller skaters are located. At the far end is the Anchors Away that will surely make you scream when you try it out. There is a new attraction here which is the EKstreme located at the old Condor ride. Fr an additional fee, the attraction will take you several feet up the air and then drop free fall making you hold on your seats. It stops right before you hit the ground leaving you with an adrenaline rush through your system.

Also located here is the Wheel of Fate where you can see the whole park from up high. You can also see some areas of Sta. Rosa. It is windy up here but it is a cool way to relax after all the extreme rides around the park.

View from up high

Wheel of Fate at the Swan Lake
 At the far end of the park is the Jungle Outpost where the Jungle Log Jam is found. Here, you must get ready to get wet. Another attraction is the Swan Lake where you need to pedal all around the small pond. It looks relaxing but believe me, this attraction is very tiring. It is a cardio exercise and after this, all our reserved energy are all gone.

Space Shuttle
 Across the Jungle Outpost is the Spaceport where the Space Shuttle is located. This is an extreme ride and a must try when you're in EK! There are also race Karts available in this area but this is for an additional fee.

 In the middle of the park is the Brooklyn Place where the Rialto is located. It is a mini theater where you move with what is shown. That time, Happy Feet was shown and it was like watching the movie. It wasn't that exciting but it was still fun to do.

Flying Fiesta

Across Brooklyn Place is Portabello where the Rio Grande is located. Here, you ride a round raft and it will go across the river that will make splashes and go under falls and will definitely make you wet. But I was lucky enough because I didn't get wet in this ride. just a few splashes but not that wet.

at the rio grande rapids
 The 4D Theater is also in this area. It is like Rialto but there is an added twist like the splashes of water and gust of wind blowing in your face as you watch. It has an additional price if you want to avail this, however.

There are a lot more to see in this place. There are a lot of food stands too. It is just a bit over priced especially the canteens/restaurants that you can have lunch on there. Our lunch costs P195 and thanks to the Wizard Money, we got it without spending our own money.

There are also a lot of games which you can try your luck on to. We spent most of our moneys here winning small prizes. We envy those who are carrying large stuff toys and got frustrated when we can't win the same. These games are a bit overpriced since each token cost P50 and you easily lose on their games.

Also, there are souvenir shops all around so if you want to buy some EK merchandise to show to your friends, you can choose form a wide selection here.

 There is also a parade where the park showcase the characters, especially Wizard, all around. At night, there are shows all around. We watched this belly dancing show and the ladies are definitely hot! Their dance seems to mesmerize the audience. We had an opportunity to have a picture with them and it was really fun.

Belly dancers at Anchors Away

All in all, Enchanted Kingdom is a happy place to be and I am sure I will be going there another time to have an enchanted time. See you at EK! Thanks Smartees!

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