Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dinner at Shakey's

It was another family dinner since my mom celebrated her birthday a week ago. She always wanted Shakey's spaghetti so we went to the nearest branch, Shakey's Muntinlupa to have dinner and celebrate her birthday.

Shakey's is located along the National Road. It is near Muntinlupa City Hall and the Save More Supermarket. This branch is just new and since it was opened, a lot of people are regularly dining here. They have a large space, good for large groups dining in. They also have a lot of crew who are accommodating. The only problem here during meal hours is the parking space but the guard outside handles it well.

They serve mostly pizza and pasta here. They also offer set meals which we ordered for us. We ordered their Family Deal 2 meal which consist of a platter of Classic Spaghetti with some garlic breads, a basket of Chick n' Chips, Manager's Choice Pizza and a pitcher of Iced Tea. All of there for P850 plus some additional charges.

Classic Spaghetti Platter
Chick n' Chips
Manager's Choice Pizza
Their Classic Spaghetti is yummy that is why my mom loves it. The chicken and mojo potatoes are my favorite. Their chicken is my 2nd top choice among all the chicken I tasted. i liked their house blend iced tea too, it is very different to the usual instant iced tea mix I get to drink. As for the pizza, I like that it is thin crust and you can taste all the toppings. And also, all are served hot so it is all good.

We love this place that is why every time there is an occasion, we always eat here. This is a recommended place for the whole family for special celebrations of just for random eat outs. I am glad that there is a Shakey's branch near us.

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