Saturday, April 30, 2011

Strangers, Again

"She used to be my Unicorn"

I used to have a unicorn on my desk. The statement reminded me why I have that. That it was a symbol of a mythical creature so pure and so beautiful. Also, a symbol of something I have read before. I has a memory of it, a good one. It was a long time ago that has already ended. Everything in this life is a cycle. We go on stages and in the end we go back to where we started.

A friend of mine gave me a video link and I watched it making me realize the cycle we all go through. Watch below and appreciate.

This video is from Wung Fu Production. They do mini movies and is usually posted in I watched their other videos before and I sure can relate to them. Here are the stages of relationship that we go through.

Stage 1: Strangers, Meeting

It's so pathetic to see how guys would do, just about anything for the right girl. But it paid off because I got her number.

Stage 2: The Chase

Some say it's the best part.

All I wanted was to know more about her. All I wanted was to hang out with her

The only person I wanted to talk to is her. She is the number one priority.

And every time I saw her.. butterflies.

She was everything that I thought could be perfect in a girl. And as soon as it felt right, with this simple world, we began our relationship.

Stage 3: Honeymoon

It was the time when finally we can express our full affection to each other. And do all the things we wanted to do as a couple.

It was a dream come true. The girl I wanted to be with so, so badly was finally mine.

But eventually, the fire cooled and both of us simmered down back to normal sea.

By the end of it all, we had a bazillion  pictures of each other, knew every detail of each others life.

Stage 4: Comfortable

Being comfortable isn't necessarily bad. It's when we can be truly be ourselves. But it depends on what you do with that comfort. Some use it positively, continuing to work on their relationship and grow together but others allow it to create distance.

For Marissa and I, we have taken each other for granted.

Weather it's taking each other for granted, or people changing overtime, the bottom line is someone stops trying. The feelings aren't as strong as before. This could happen a few months, or a few years, for us, it was about one and a half years.
Stage 5: Tolerance

So now, the girl I was so crazy about a year ago has turn into something that is just not so special anymore.

It happened so gradually that I didn't saw it coming but there we were, just tolerating each other.

Arguing is one thing, but feeling dissatisfied and unhappy with the relationship is another. We tried various times to try to make changes, to fix things, but like so many couples out there, it wasn't enough.

We are in one of those relationships where, it wasn't bad... but it wasn't great. And let me tell you, that is never a good way to describe a relationship.

Stage 6: Downhill

There's not much time left once you're here.

The effort to try and make thing work just isn't worth it anymore. Qualms continue, arguments don't get solved, I can't really remember what we're arguing about.

What's next is what happens to everyone at some point, the end of the line...

Stage 7: Breaking up

I don't know when it will happen, or how, but i hope we can leave it in good mutual terms, if that's ever truly possible.

And this is when the two of us will start a new path, one that leads us back where we started.. strangers.

The change will be so drastic, so blunt that we'll probably want to get together right away, just to restore what's normal... But this doesn't always happen, and the distance will grow.

Eventually the two of us will move on, or find someone new.

And even if we both get over of the past, and try to remain friends, things will never gonna be the same again.

Our lives will continue on in different directions.. becoming strangers again.

And everything we shared will just become fragments of memories from so long ago, I'll question if it even really happened.

And all that will be left is this, a box of random stuff from a period of time when this stranger was the most important person in my life.

Here are some last lines in the flick (somewhere before the end of stage 4):

Do you realize, there are only two options for our future together. It's either we break up or we get married... It's gonna be one or the other.

I think if life separate us, and we end up in two very different places. Always remember where our paths in life in this period of time and I'll be thankful for that.. and hope that wherever you are, you are thankful too.

Yes, this flick hit me right at the center of my soul that is why I am sharing it with you (if ever I have readers here). Everything is so true (at least for me) that it was depressing to think that I always go through the cycle. I hope I can break it one day, but for now, I'll just walk my path and maybe someday, I'll be able to cross path with someone and we'd never be strangers again in the end.

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