Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Tokyo Experience: Kagura

After we eat at Hana, we were still looking for the famed Okonomiyaki that we read on articles on the net. We scanned the whole area again to look for the place where it is served. Everything was in Japanese that we are not sure where to look for, however, I saw a big picture of an Okonomiyaki on the wall of the restaurant just beside Hana, which I learned is Kagura later on, and we confirmed that this is the place where you can buy and eat authentic Okonomiyaki.

We asked for a table for four but at that time, the place is already crowded with people. We were asked to wait and since we have nothing to do, we just went around the place, besides, we were still quite full. We got at the outer parts of Little Tokyo and saw some other restaurants and Japanese convenient store around. I took a mental note to go there if ever I needed something Japanese. After a while we got back to Kagura but still, there are no seats available. We waited and got a bit irritated when the crew gave a seat to a Japanese guy. We talked to the manager and she was apologetic. Soon, we had a table when a grouped billed out. We were not that excited anymore, though because of all the waiting.

Little Tokyo's Entrance
 We were seated outside since most of the Japanese people are watching baseball inside. Their place is just like that of Hana. I think this is what all the places here looks like. Typical Japanese restaurants. The outside is nice place to dine since cool breeze is felt once in a while. The crowded interiors and the heat from all the cooking makes it dining inside a bit humid.

We saw that the staff here serves Okonomiyaki to guests on other places. We didn't know that and if we did, we might did the same so that we didn't experience waiting for a long time for a place at Kagura.

As the menu arrived, we quickly scanned through and see what kind of Okonomiyaki they offer. They offer a wide range of toppings, from noodles, pork, squid, and a lot more. We just opted for a Pork, Egg and Noodle Okonomiyaki. We also ordered their Fried Criss-cross Potatoes.

Fried Criss-Cross Potatoes (P155)
 The Fried Criss-cross Potatoes arrived first. When I took a bite, it tasted starchy. I think it wasn't that cooked properly since it still has the starchy flavor. I didn't get to eat much of it since I am still full from the previous dishes and also, I really didn't like the taste.

Pork, Egg and Noodle Okonomiyaki (P260)
 The Pork, Egg and Noodle Okonomiyaki finally came. It was served in a hot plate kind of pan. It was divided into 2 since they say the order is goof for 2 people but we further divided it into four since we are already half full. I liked this but since I am full and the taste of the previous dishes are still in my pallet, I didn't appreciate much the dish. However, for fairness, It was good. The toppings were yummy especially the pork that goes well with the sauces and noodles on top. The batter balances all the flavors making it a yummy dish. I like it, I just wish I didn't have an almost full tummy at that time. I didn't get to finish all of it but I would if my tummy would permit me.

Overall, the dishes here, especially the Okonomiyaki, is a must try. You shouldn't miss this out when you go to Little Tokyo to have the full Japanese experience. I will go back here someday and try to enjoy an Okonomiyaki on a not so full stomach to experience it once again.

Itadaikimasu! :)

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