Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekend Getaway at Casa Ibiza, We've Got a Deal!

We bought some coupon at CashCashPinoy for an overnight stay at Casa Ibiza at Antipolo for 6 people at 51% off. We bought two so that we can have a relaxing time away from all the hassle in the city.

View our deal here

When they booked the bought coupon, there were some problems. The online booking confirmed our booking however when they inquired, it seems that they haven't booked us yet so instead of the Grand Villa which can accommodate 6 people, we were given 3 ordinary rooms for us to stay. It was okay since the place is good and the facilities are fine.

Going there is quite an adventure. The map posted in their website is quite confusing. Thankfully, there are signs on the roads that will lead you there. I am not exactly sure where it is located but it is inside a subdivision so going there on commute is quite a challenge since there are few vehicles going in and out from the main street.

The old carriage, making it more dramatic by using sepia
The place has a big gate at the entrance, as you enter, landscaped gardens are on view together with an old carriage on display. The rooms are brightly colored on on the right end and at the middle is the pool and bar. They have a kiddie pool which is 2 feet deep and another pool for adults which is 4-5 feet deep. There are mini cottages around that you can sit and relax. There is also a bar or restaurant wherein you can order food. Beside the pools is a big conference room that looks like a large sala. It is nicely decorated and is reserved for special functions.

The 4-5 feet pool

Bar and Restaurant
Cottages at the pool side

At the far end of the place are gazebos and small halls where parties can be held. Further back is a large waterfall that doesn't have water. There is also a mini playground for kids with Little Tykes toys. A barn with a horse (I'm guessing it is for the carriage) is on the farthest end and an obstacle course that you can play with is beside it.

Waterfalls that only gets to be opened at morning

Gazebos at the back side of the pool

Little Tykes play ground for kids

Obstacle course

The whole area is quite small that you can go around in a few minutes. At the time we were there, the areas where a few people go to looks like a vacant lot with lots of weeds. They fail to maintain every inch of the place since they have only a few guests. There are places where there is supposed to be grasses but instead there are wild grasses and weeds all around. There is even an area where there are a lot of garbage piled up. If you preferred to stay at the pool side area, it is okay, just stay away from other areas since it is not well maintained.

The villa that we stayed in

The villas

The rooms are nice. The ones we had are 2 levels high however you need to go up a flight of stairs for the main level, so it is about 3 levels high if you considered the flight of stairs as another level. As you enter, you are greeted with a mini receiving are with a sofa, center table, foot rests and an LCD cable TV. A veranda is beside it which has a view of the resort below. There is a mini kitchen and dining area at the back that we haven't really used. The bedrooms are on the upper floor. The one we had has 2 bedrooms, one is a master bedroom with a queen size bed and a veranda. It also has its own toilet and bath. The other room has two single beds and a toilet and bath. The other rooms has the same number of maximum occupants but some are 3 bedrooms unlike ours.
The kitchen


Toilet and Bath

Kitchen and dining

masters bedroom

Sala and receiving area

The rooms are clean as we checked in, however, only one room is available as we got there. We have to wait for the other rooms to be available for us to transfer there.

Complementary Breakfast
Our coupons also has a free breakfast so on the next day I had Longganisa, Scrambled Egg, Fried Rice and a glass of Orange Juice. The meal is good, just ordinary but I was surprised that it was priced P180. Good thing it was free because I wouldn't pay that much for a serving that little, and to think, the same meal is priced P50-60 on other restaurants. And yes, the longganisa I had wasn't even a longganisa. It is bologna. Thankfully, I liked it so It wasn't a bad meal to start my day after all.

I need to go to work in the afternoon so, I had to commute. Thankfully, they gave me a ride going to the main highway and from there, I took a jeepney going to EDSA Crossing. It was easy from there on and I learned how to get there on commute, so the next time we book there, it is already okay, I can manage to be on my own.

Spending the day relaxing is a nice way to get out of the hassle of the work world. So if you need to escape for a while, book at Casa Ibiza for a weekend and have a relaxing day. Check out CashCashPinoy for promotions and you might also get a deal similar to what we had.

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