Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dinner at Go Greek!

It was Wednesday and my high school friends and I usually meet up at Ayala for dinner. This time, we are running low on budget since pay day are days away. We settled for Food Choices in Glorietta 4 for a light dinner that night.

We decided to try out Go Greek! which is located at the far end of the Food Choices. Their area is quite hidden but big tarpaulin ads are around so that you can easily find it. Their small space in the food court is nice. It was decorated with Greek stuff and the kitchen is visible on the counter, you can see how your food is cooked.

When the food you ordered is not available, you need to wait since they need to grill or prepare it first before being served. It was okay but if ever you're really hungry, it can be frustrating. However, the food is served hot and it is good.

We ordered Greek Vegetable Kebab, Greek Chicken Kebab and Chicken Gyros which is like a shawarma.

I didn't expect that I will like the Greek Vegetable Kebab since I am more of a meat person. I need something solid to chew on to satisfy my taste buds. However, the veggies are yummy and even if I cannot find something meat to chew on, I was satisfied. The plate is served with pita bread, a salad and a yogurt dip which is good with the grilled veggies. I liked this veggies so much that I think I will do something like it at home one day.
Greek vegetable Kebab (P95)
These are the other dishes we had:

Greek Chicken Kebab (P135)

Chicken Gyro (P95)
 Even if this place is found at the Food Choices, the dishes they have can be compared with the ones served in a restaurant. It is yummy and sure is healthy. I recommend this place if ever you go by Food Choices in Glorietta 4 and have a taste of Greece in an affordable budget. Let's Go Greek!

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